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Texas State Association of Architects Correspondence

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Messer, Sanguinet & Messer: Architects

Kendricks Building, Fort Worth, Texas

Dec. 29th 1892

J. Reilly Gordon Esq: Sec'y

San Antonio Tex.

Dear Sir:

I herewith send copy of report of Treasurer, which was sent to me by Mr. Stewart, having been left in his hands after last meeting. I also received a check for $95.00 from Herbert, which as you will see does not quite agree with the report, but still leaves me in a position to satisfy the most pressing creditors of the Ass'n and relieve it of its immediate necessities, which I will do, if you will have the enclosed accounts properly countersigned, according to the constitution.

Yours Truly,

Arthur A Messer


P.S. There is also an old account against J. J. Kane, for $4.37 for gold badge, which is the only one remaining unpaid.

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Texas State Association of Architects Minutes and Proceedings



we now proceed with the election of officers for the ensuing year and the place of meeting and that the president appoint a committee of three members to nominate the officers.

The president appointed architects Heiner, Tobey, and Tyndall committee on nominations.

The committee reported the following members for nomination;

President, W. C. Dodson, Waco

First-Vice President James Wahrenberger San Antonio

Second-Vice President Cortez Clark, Dallas

Executive Committee _ J. J. Kane Fort Worth. Chairman, Nat'l Tobey, Dallas. A. O. Watson, Austin, W. H. Tyndall, Galveston, S. P. _ Herbert, Waco. _

Secretary, W. W. Larmour. Waco

Treasurer, E. J. Heiner, Houston

The report of the committee was received and the secretary was insturcted to cast one ballot for each of the officers.

On motion of E. J. Heiner the ballot was declared unanimous.

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