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York, wliicli falls into a bay at the s. side of the island. It lies two miles to tlies. of Rockonkama pond.)

CONNESTIGUCUNE, an establisliment of tlie English, in the county of Albany, inthew. part and to the e. of Chenectady, or of (he river Mohawk, where it gives a fall from above 70 feet in lieiglit. See Arm any.

CONNETABLE, or CoN?)ESTABr^E, a small island of tire county of Cayenne, belonging to the French, between the city of Cayenne and cape Orange.

CONNETABLE, anotlier small island of tire same province, witli the addition of Petite, to distinguish it from the former.

CONOCOTO, a settlement of the kingdom of Quito, in the corregimimto of the district of the Cinco Leguasde la Ciudad, in the district of which is a rising ground called A Halo, and upon the skirts of this are many warm-water mineral streams, much frequented as baths for the curing of infirmities.

CONOMA, a lake of the province and country of the Amazonas, in the Portuguese possessions. It is formed from some waste water of the river Madera, very near its shore, and at a small distance from the river of Las Amazonas.

CONOME, Cape of, a point of land of the coast of Nova Scotia, in the bay of Fundy, and in the most interior part of the same.

CONORIBO, a river of the province and capainship of Seara in Brazil. It rises near the coast, runs n. and enters that of La Concepcion or S. Francisco, and that of La Cruz, and then enters the sea.

CONOSTEE, a settlement of Indians of N. Carolina ; situate on the shore of the river Euphasee.

CONSAHATCHEE, a river of the province and colony of Georgia. It runs s. e. and enters the sea.

CONSATA, a settlement of the missions which were held by the religious order of St. Augustin, in the country of Paititi, of the province and corregimiento of Larecaja in Peru.

CONSETS, Point of, on the e, coast of the island of Barbadoes, on the side of the point of Bele.

CONSOLACION, Nuestra Senora de, asettlement of the government of Neiba in the Nuevo Reyno de Granada ; annexed to the curacy of the town of La Purificacion. It is situate on the shore of the river Pardo, is of a hot temperature, abounding in the vegetable productions of a similar

climate, and in troublesome and venomous insects. It contains more than 200 house-keepers.

CONSOLACION, a point or long strip of land called Possession, on the n. coast of the straits of Magellan ; one of those which form Possession bay, and where are to be seen the ruins of the fort named Jesus, which was founded by the Admiral Pedro de Sarin iento.

CONSTANCE, or Constancia, a small city of the English, in the island of Barbadoes.

CONSTANTINO Perez, an island of the river Valdivia, in tlie kingdom of Chile, opposite the same city, with two other small islands, the one before, the other behind it, and which, together, form the celebrated port of this name. The passage on both sides is navigable, but the channel on the s. side being the most wide, is the course uniformly taken by large ships and vessels, and in the same manner the n. channel is mostly, as it is narrower, entered by frigates and small craft.

CONTAS, Rio das, a river in the province and captainship of Ylheos in Brazil. It rises near the coast, runs e. and enters the sea in the Barra or Bar of Camamu, in the river of Ylheos.

CONTAS, a town of the above province and kingdom.

(CONTINENTAL Village was situated on North river, in New York state. Before its destruction by Sir Henry Clinton, in October 1777, there were here barracks for 2000 men.)

CONTOOK, a settlement of the English, in the province of Hampshire, one of the four of New England ; situate on the shore of the river Penny cook.

Contook, a river of the above province. It rises from a small lake, runs s. then turns e. and enters the Pennycook.

CONTOY, an island of the N. sea, near the coast of the province and government of Yucatan, close to the cape Cotoche.

CONTRE-PASTURAGE, a river of the province and colony of Virginia. It runs n. e. and enters the head of the river James.

CONTRERAS, a small island of the S. sea, close to the coast of the province and government of Veragua in the kingdom of Tierra Firme.

CONTUMAZA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Caxamarca in Peru.

CONUCO, a settlement ofthe province and corregimiento of Ytata in the kingdom of Chile ; situate near the coast, opposite the island of Quiriquina.

CONUENTOS, a settlement of the province and captainship of Rey in Brazil, at the source of the river Curitaba.

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C O R'

upon the loftiest part of that most beautiful lltinura, from which the prospect is so enchanting ; sliewing on one side the sea, on another the river which waters tlie precincts, and on another some shady poplar groves. It is of an extremely benign temperature, and enjoying throughout the year a perpetual spring, being neither incommoded by heat nor cold. It is extremely fertile, and abounds in whatever can conduce to the comfort and convenience of life. The city is tolerably large ; all the streets are drawn at straight lines ; and the houses are disjoined from each other by large gardens, which are all well supplied with water brought by aqueducts from the river. The parish church is very beautiful, and not less so are those of the religious orders of St.. Francis, St. Domingo, St. Augustin, La Merced, San Juan de Dios, and the college which formerly belonged to the regulars of the company of the Jesuits. It has a port, which is convenient ajid much frequented by vessels ; upon the shore of which are caught tunnies, abacoras, and various other kinds of fish ; also many delicate kinds of shell-fish. At a small distance is a very abundant copper mine, from which much metal is extracted and carried to Europe ; and it is of this, as well as of its excellent breed of horses, its wine, oil, tallow, cow-hides, and dried meats, that its commerce is composed ; sending, as it does yearly, four or five vessels loaded with these effects to Lima. Although it has mines of the purest gold, yet these are but little worked. The whole of the town is covered with beautiful myrtles, and of these there is a delightful grove. It was destroyed by the Araucanos Indians in 1547 ; and in 1579 it was attempted to be taken by Francis Drake, who was repulsed by the inhabitants, la 1680 it seemed to be rebuilt only that it might undergo a sacking the same year by the English pirate, Bartholomew Sharps. Its population consists of 500 families of Spaniards and people of colour, and some Indians. Fifteen leagues from the city of Concepcion, and 58 from the capital of the kingdom, Santiago. Lat. 30° s. Long. 71° 18'. [See Chile,]

COQUIMBO, an island of the coast of this province and corregimiento.

COQUIN, a settlement of the province and government of Tarma in Peru ; annexed to the curacy of Cayna.

COQUINOCA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Chichas and Tarija in Peru.

CORAI, Santa Clara de Cosme, a settlement of the province and corregimienlo of Huanta in Peru ; annexed to the curacy of Paucarbaraba.


CORAJAIS, a settlement and village of th« Portuguese in the province and country of Las Amazonas ; situate on the shore of the river Negro.

CORAL, a settlement of the province and c«/j* iainship of Rey in Brazil; situate on the sea-coast, at the mouth of the river Imbau.

(Coral River, in New Mexico, runs a course w. by s. and empties into the head of the gulf of California, close by the mouth of Colorado river.)

(CORAM, a post-town in Suffolk county. Long island. New York, It has about 60 houses, and lies 62 miles e. of New Y ork city, and 10 from Srnithtown.)

CORANI, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Carabaya in Peru ; annexed to the curacy of Ayapata.

CORAS, Santiago de los, a settlement of the missions which were held by the regulars of the company of Jesuits in California ; situate at an equal distance from both coasts. It is composed of Indians of the nation of its name, and is the place where the Father Lorenzo Carranza, a missionary, suffered martyrdom.

Coras, some shoals, lying very little under water, near the coast of the province and coptamship of Marañan in Brazil, at the mouth of a river which is also thus called.

CORAZON DE Jesus, a settlement of the corregimiento and jurisdiction of Velez in the Nuevo Reyno de Granada. Its population i* small, and it is situate in a country mountainous and full of pools, being scanty in vegetable productions, with 200 inhabitants, a miserable race. It is near the settlement of Chiquinquira, and to the s. of Velez.

CORAZON, another, called De Maria, of the missions which were held by the regulars of the company of J esLiits, in the province and government of Maynas, of the kingdom of Quito ; situate on the shore of the river Aguarico.

CORAZON, another, called De Jesus, in the province and government of the Chiquitos Indians in Peru ; situate at the foot of the cordillera of San Fernando, a reduccion of the missions which were held there by the regulars of the company,

CORAZON, another, of the kingdom of Quito, in the corregimiento of the district of Las Cinco Leguasde esta Ciudad (the Five Leagues from this City), and in the road which leads down from Guayaquil.

CORAZON, a mountain of the kingdom of Quito, on the s. s. e. part, from the ivhich on the w. flow down the rivers of San Lorenzo and Yaraboya,

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>v1io inhabit the woods lying near the river Cucliigara, bomided by the nation of the Cunmnaes, It is but little known.

CUMBA, a settlement of tlie province and corregimicnto of Luya and Chillaos in Peru.

CUMBAL, a settlement of the province and j corregimknlo of Pastos in the kingdom of Quito.

CUMBAL, a very lofty mountain of this province (Pastos), always covered with snow ; from it rises the river Carlosama, which runs e. and the Mallama, which runs n. In Lat. .54° n.

CUMBAYA, a settlement of the kingdom of Quito, in the corregimiento of the district of Las Cinco Leguas de su Capital.

CUMBE. See Chumbe.

CUMBERLAND, Bay of, on the most «. coast of America. Its entrance is beneath the polar circle, and it is thought to have a communication with Batlin’s bay to the n. In it are several islands of the same name. The bay was thus called by the English, according to Martiniere, who, however, makes no mention of the islands.

Cumberland, a port of the island of Cuba, anciently called Guantanamo; but the Admiral Vernon and General Werabort, who arrived here in 1741 with a strong squadron, and formed an encampment upon the strand, building at the same time a fort, gave it this name in honour to the Duke of Cumberland. It is one of the best ports in America, and from its size capable of sheltering any number of vessels. The climate is salutary, and the country around abounds in cattle and provisions. Here is also a river of very good fresh water, navigable for some leagues, and named Augusta by the said admiral. It is 20 leagues to the e. of Santiago of Cuba, in lat. 20° 71. and long. 75° 12' w.

Cumberland, another bay, of the island of Juan Fernandez, in the S. sea. It lies between two small ports, and was thus named by Admiral Anson. It is the best in the island, although exposed to the n, wind, and insecure.

Cumberland Cumberland, an island of the province and colony of Georgia, in N. America, near 20 miles distant from the city of Frederick. It has two forts, called William and St. Andrew. The first, which is at the s. extremity, and commands the entrance, called Amelia, is well fortified, and garrisoned with eight cannons. There are also barracks for 220 men, besides store-houses for arms, provisions, and timber.

[Cumberland, a harbour on the e. side of Washington’s isles, on the n, is, coast ofN. Ame-

C U M 559

rica. It lies s. of Skitikise, and n. of Cummashawaa.J

[Cumberland House, one of the Hudson’s bay company’s factories, is situated in New South Wales, in N. America, 158 miles e. n. e. of Hudson’s 'house, on the s. side of Pine island lake. Lat. 53° 58' 7i. Long. 102° w. See Nelson River.]

[Cumberland, a fort in New Brunswick ; situated at the head of the bay of Fundy, on the e. side of its n. branch. It is capable of accommodating 300 men.]

[Cumberland, a county of New Brunswick, which comprehends the lands at the head of the bay of Fundy, on the bason called Chebecton, and the rivers which empty into it. It has several townships ; those which are settled are Cumberland, Sackville, Amherst, Hillsborough, and Hopewell. It is watered by the rivers Au Lac, Missiquash, Napan Macon, Memrarncook, Petcoudia, Chepodi^, and Herbert. The three first rivers are navigable three or four miles for vessels of five tons. The Napan and Macon are shoal rivers ; the Herbert is navigable to its head, 12 miles, in boats ; the others are navigable four or five miles.]

[Cumberland, a town of New Brunswick, in the county of its own name. Here are coal mines.]

[Cumberland, County, in the district of Maine, lies between Y ork and Lincoln counties ; has the Atlantic ocean on the s. and Canada on the w. Its sea-coast, formed into numerous bays, and lined with a multitude of fruitful islands, is nearly 40 miles in extent in a straight line. Saco river, which runs s. e. into the ocean, is the dividing line between this county and York on the s.w. Cape Elizabeth and Casco bay are in this county. Cumberland is divided into 24 townships, of which Portlatid is the chief. It contains 25,450 inhabitants.]

[Cumberland County`, in New Jersey, is bounded s. by Delaware bay, 7i. by Gloucester county, s. e. by cape May, and w. by Salem county. It is divided into seven townships, of which Fairfield and Greenwich are the chief; and contains 8248 inhabitants, of whom 120 are slaves.]

[Cumberland, the «. easternmost township of the state of Rhode Island, Providence county. Pawtucket bridge and falls, in this town, are four miles 71. e. of Providence. • It contains 1964 inhabitants, and is the only town in the state which has no slaves.]

[Cumberland County, in Pennsylvania,, is

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