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The geographical and historical dictionary of America and the West Indies [volume 1]

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it has a large proportion of families of Spaniards, Mustees^ and Mulalloes ; besides which, it contains 387 of Indians, and a convent of monks of St. Francis. Seven leagues to the n. n. w. of Mexico, although the distance is commonly counted at only six. Long. 274° 12'. Lat. 19° 50'.

COAUTLA, a province and alcaldia mayor oi Nueva España ; bounded s. by the corregimiento of Mexico. It is also called. Of Amilpas. Its jurisdiction extends 25 leagues ; it is of a warm and moist temperature, but is fertile, and abounds in wheat, maize, French beans, lentils, barley, and tares, as also in other productions, which serve as a commerce to its natives. Great quantities of sugar are also manufactured in various mills and machines for the purpose. This province is watered by two rivers, the one very large, called the Amazinaquc, which runs e. and the other, somewhat less, to the e . ; in both of them are caught many bagres and trout, which, being much esteemed in the neighbouring provinces, afford also another considerable branch of commerce. It has silver mines which produce tolerably well, and from one, which is vulgarly called La Peregrina, much riches were formerly extracted. The jurisdiction consists of the following settlements ;

The capital of the sarne Xamiltepec,

name, Tlacotepec,

Tetelzingo, Zacoalpan,

Tlamimilulpa, Temoaque,

Cacoyoc, Ancuilco.


The capital forms three streets, of regular proportion and symmetry in the buildings, with two elegant edifices, one of the monks of St. Domingo,' and the other of the barefooted monks, or Descalzos, of St. Francis. It contains 36 families of Spaniards, 70 of 40 of Mulattoes, and 200

of Indians ; the part of the city inhabited by the latter is never visited by the Spaniards but as a walk, or place of recreation, and the Indians never attempt to encroach upon the part not appropriated to them. Twenty-five leagues 5. of Mexico. Long. 274° 10'. Lat. 19° 5'.

Same name, another settlement and real of the silver mines of this province, in which are two sugar mills, and some engines for grinding metal. It contains 56 families of Spaniards, Mustees, and Mulattoes, and lies 12 leagues to the s. w. of its capital.

COAUTLACO, a settlement of the head settlement of the district and alcaldia mayor of Tlapa in Nueva Espana. It contains 35 families of Indians, and is two leagues to the n. e. of that place.

COAZA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Larecaja in Peru; annexed to the curacy of Combaya.

COBAN, a settlement and capital of the province and alcaldia mayor of Vera Paz in the kingdom of Guatemala. It contains a good convent of the order of St. Domingo, and is 30 leagues from Guatemala.

[COBBESECONTE, or Copsecook, which in the Indian language signifies the land where sturgeons are taken, is a small river which rises from ponds in the town of Winthorp, in the district of Maine, and falls into the Kennebeck within three miles of Nahunkeag island, and 15 from Moose island.]

COBEQUIT, a large settlement of the province and colony of Nova Scotia; situate on the side of the basin of Minas, on the innermost shore of the bay of Fundy.

[Cobequit or Colchester River, in Nova Scotia, rises within 20 miles of Tatamogouche, on the n. e. coast of Nova Scotia ; from thence it runs s. ; then s. w. and w. info the e. end of the basin of Minas. At its mouth there is a short bank, but there is a good channel on each side, which vessels of 60 tons burden may pass, and go 40 miles .up the river. There are some scattered settlements on its banks.]

[COBESEY, in the district of Maine. See


[COBHAM, a small town in Virginia, on the s. bank of James river, opposite James town ; 20 miles n. w. of Suffolk, and eight or nine 5. w. of Williamsburg.]

[Cobh AM Isle, mentioned by Captain Middleton, in the journal of his voyage for finding a 71, e. passage. Its two extremities bear n. by e. and e. by n. in lat. 63° «. long. 3° 50' from Churchill, which he takes to be the Brook Cobham of Fox.]

COBIJA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Atacama in Peru, and archbishopric of Charcas; annexed to the curacy of Chinchin. It is founded on the sea-shore, has a good port, where the inhabitants are busied in the fishing for congers ; and these being called charqnecillos, or salted, are carried in abundance for sale to the neighbouring provinces, to the sierra, and other parts. In lat. 23° 20' s. according to Don Cosme Bueno ; and according to the ex-jesuit Coleti, in lat. 22° 25' s.

[COBEZA. See Cobija. This obscure port and village is inhabited by about 50 Indian families, and is the most barren spot on the coast. This is, however, the nearest port to Lipei^ where there are silver mines, and also to Potosi, 2

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York, wliicli falls into a bay at the s. side of the island. It lies two miles to tlies. of Rockonkama pond.)

CONNESTIGUCUNE, an establisliment of tlie English, in the county of Albany, inthew. part and to the e. of Chenectady, or of (he river Mohawk, where it gives a fall from above 70 feet in lieiglit. See Arm any.

CONNETABLE, or CoN?)ESTABr^E, a small island of tire county of Cayenne, belonging to the French, between the city of Cayenne and cape Orange.

CONNETABLE, anotlier small island of tire same province, witli the addition of Petite, to distinguish it from the former.

CONOCOTO, a settlement of the kingdom of Quito, in the corregimimto of the district of the Cinco Leguasde la Ciudad, in the district of which is a rising ground called A Halo, and upon the skirts of this are many warm-water mineral streams, much frequented as baths for the curing of infirmities.

CONOMA, a lake of the province and country of the Amazonas, in the Portuguese possessions. It is formed from some waste water of the river Madera, very near its shore, and at a small distance from the river of Las Amazonas.

CONOME, Cape of, a point of land of the coast of Nova Scotia, in the bay of Fundy, and in the most interior part of the same.

CONORIBO, a river of the province and capainship of Seara in Brazil. It rises near the coast, runs n. and enters that of La Concepcion or S. Francisco, and that of La Cruz, and then enters the sea.

CONOSTEE, a settlement of Indians of N. Carolina ; situate on the shore of the river Euphasee.

CONSAHATCHEE, a river of the province and colony of Georgia. It runs s. e. and enters the sea.

CONSATA, a settlement of the missions which were held by the religious order of St. Augustin, in the country of Paititi, of the province and corregimiento of Larecaja in Peru.

CONSETS, Point of, on the e, coast of the island of Barbadoes, on the side of the point of Bele.

CONSOLACION, Nuestra Senora de, asettlement of the government of Neiba in the Nuevo Reyno de Granada ; annexed to the curacy of the town of La Purificacion. It is situate on the shore of the river Pardo, is of a hot temperature, abounding in the vegetable productions of a similar

climate, and in troublesome and venomous insects. It contains more than 200 house-keepers.

CONSOLACION, a point or long strip of land called Possession, on the n. coast of the straits of Magellan ; one of those which form Possession bay, and where are to be seen the ruins of the fort named Jesus, which was founded by the Admiral Pedro de Sarin iento.

CONSTANCE, or Constancia, a small city of the English, in the island of Barbadoes.

CONSTANTINO Perez, an island of the river Valdivia, in tlie kingdom of Chile, opposite the same city, with two other small islands, the one before, the other behind it, and which, together, form the celebrated port of this name. The passage on both sides is navigable, but the channel on the s. side being the most wide, is the course uniformly taken by large ships and vessels, and in the same manner the n. channel is mostly, as it is narrower, entered by frigates and small craft.

CONTAS, Rio das, a river in the province and captainship of Ylheos in Brazil. It rises near the coast, runs e. and enters the sea in the Barra or Bar of Camamu, in the river of Ylheos.

CONTAS, a town of the above province and kingdom.

(CONTINENTAL Village was situated on North river, in New York state. Before its destruction by Sir Henry Clinton, in October 1777, there were here barracks for 2000 men.)

CONTOOK, a settlement of the English, in the province of Hampshire, one of the four of New England ; situate on the shore of the river Penny cook.

Contook, a river of the above province. It rises from a small lake, runs s. then turns e. and enters the Pennycook.

CONTOY, an island of the N. sea, near the coast of the province and government of Yucatan, close to the cape Cotoche.

CONTRE-PASTURAGE, a river of the province and colony of Virginia. It runs n. e. and enters the head of the river James.

CONTRERAS, a small island of the S. sea, close to the coast of the province and government of Veragua in the kingdom of Tierra Firme.

CONTUMAZA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Caxamarca in Peru.

CONUCO, a settlement ofthe province and corregimiento of Ytata in the kingdom of Chile ; situate near the coast, opposite the island of Quiriquina.

CONUENTOS, a settlement of the province and captainship of Rey in Brazil, at the source of the river Curitaba.

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