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The geographical and historical dictionary of America and the West Indies [volume 1]





It is of a mild temperulurcj but rather inclined to cold than heat. It contains 264 families of Indians, and a convent of the religious order of St. Domingo, and in its district are various estates, in which, and in the 10 settlements of which its district consists, are collected scarlet dje, seeds, fruits, coal, woods, and timber. It is two leagues s. e. of the capital.

CUILOTO, a river of the Nuevo Reyno de Granada, It rises in the mountains of Bogota, runs e. through the llanos or plains of Casanare and Meta, and afterwards enters the river Meta. Some barbarian Indians, the liraras and Chinalos, live about its borders, dispersed amongst the woods.

CUIQUE, a settlement of the province and government of Venezuela ; situate on the shore of the lake Tacarigua, towards the s.

CUIQUILA, Santa Maria de, a settlement and head settlement of the alcaldia mayor of Tepozcolula in Nueva Espana. It is of a cold temperature, contains 76 families of Indians, whose only employment is that of making stone flags ; and these in sufficient quantity to supply the whole province. Is nine leagues s.w. of its capital.

CUISILLO, San Francisco de, a settlement and head settlement of the alcaldia mayor of the town of Leon, in the province and bishopric of Mechoacan, contains S3 families of Indians, who employ themselves in the cultivation of maize and many fruits. It is very close to its capital.

CUITES, a settlement of the missions which were held by the regulars of the company of Jesuits, in the province and govetument of Cinaloa of Nueva Espaila.

CUITI, a river of the province and government of Darien, of the kingdom of Tierra Firme. It rises in the mountains towards the n. and enters the sea between the islands Palmas and Pinos.

CUITINA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Tunja in the Nuevo Reyno de Granada ; situate in the llanura of Sogamoso, between the settlement of this name and that of Tota. It is of a cold temperature, produces wheat, maize, papas, and the other fruits of a cold climate. It contains 60 housekeepers, and as many Indians ; lies eight leagues to the n. of Tunja.

CUIXTLAHUACA, San Juan de,, a settlement of the alcaldia mayor of Yanguitlan in Nueva Espaila. It contains 604 families of Indians, with those of the wards of its district. It is of a hot temperature, and lies 16 leagues s. w. of its capital. It produces some scarlet dye and seeds,

CUIXTLAHUACA, San Juan de, another settlement, of the alcaldia mayor of Tlapa in the same kingdom. It contains 15 families of Indian’s,

VOE. 1.

CUJENA, Cano de, an arm of the river Negro, in the country of Las Amazonas. It runs nearly due s. and joins the Parime.

CUJILLOS, a settlement of province and government of Jaen de Bracamoros in the kingdom of Quito ; situate on the shore of the river Marailon.

[CUJO. See Cuva.]

CUL DE Sac, a settlement and parish of the French, in the part possessed by them in the island of St. Domingo. It is in the head of the w. and upon the w. coast, on the shore of a river between port Principe and the river of Naranjos or Oranges.

Cul de Sac, another settlement and parish in the island of Guadalupe. It lies on the shore of the bay of its name, between the rivers Vondipiques and Testu. There is also another settlement in the same bay, between the rivers Lezard and Sarcelles.

CUL DE SAC, a large bay and convenient port of the same island (Guadalupe), which is the principal of the whole island, and in which are many smaller islands. There is also another close to it, distinguished by the title of Cul de Sac Petit ; and these are divided by an isthmus of land, which allows a communication to the same lakes by a narrow channel.

CULATAS, a small settlement of the district and jurisdiction of the town of San Gil, in the corregimiento of Tunja in the Nuevo Reyno de Granada ; annexed to the curacy of Oiba, It lies between the settlements of Socorro and Charala,

CULAUI, a river of the island of La Laxa, in the kingdom of Chile. It runs w. forming a bend between those of Huaque and Duqueco, and enters the Biobio.

CULCHE, a settlement of Indians, of the district of Guadalabquen, and kingdom of Chile; situate at the source of the river Valdivia.

CULEBRAS, Rio de, a river on (he coast of the province and government of Costarica, of tlie kingdom of Guatemala. It runs into tlie N. sea, between the river Bocaes and the bay of Almirante.

CuLEBRAs, Rio de, another river in the province and kingdom of Tierra Firme. It rises in the mountains of the n. coast, and point of San Bias, and runs into the sea to the w.

CULEBRAS, Rio de, another, of the island of Santo Domingo, in the e. head ; runs into the sea in the great bay of Samana, between the rivers Magua and Yaina.

CULEBRAS, Rio de, a lake of the province and government of Venezuela, between the river of Sa4 B

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