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The geographical and historical dictionary of America and the West Indies [volume 1]

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of Key in Brazil. It runs s. and turning e. enters the lake Mini.

Same name, a settlement of this province (Rey) ; situate on the sea-coast, and lying between this and the lake Mini.

CHUIGOTES. See Chiugotob.

CHUILLE, a river of the province and government ot Darien in the kingdom of Tierra Firme. It has its source in the mountains towards the e. runs n. e. and enters the river Tarena.

CHUIRIEUI, a river of the province and government of Paraguay. It runs n. and enters the Iguy near the mission of San Miguel.

CHULK, a small port or creek of the coast of the S. sea, in the province and corregimiento of Arequipa. It is shallow, insecure, and exposed to the ,v. w. winds.

==CHULIHUCANI, a settlement of tlie province and government of Potosi in Peru.

CHULINA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Larecaja in Peru ; annexed to the curacy of Charazani.

CHULISANA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Andahuailas in Peru; annexed to the curacy of Cachi.

CHULUMANI, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Cicasica in Peru.

Same name, a river of the above province (Cicasica), which rises at the end of the cordillera of Ancuma, begins its course to the e. and forming a large bend towards the n. enters the Beni just at its source, and where it keeps the name of the Chuquiavo.

CHUMA, a river of the Nuevo Reyno de Granada, which flows down from the mountains of Bogota. It waters the territory of Merida, passing opposite the city, and enters through the s. side into the lake of Maracaybo.

Same name, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Larecaja in Peru.

CHUMATLAN, a settlement of the head settlenidnt of Zozocoles, and alculdia mayor of Papantla, in Nueva Espana. It is situate at the top of an higli mountain, and from it may be seen all the settlements belonging to this jurisdiction. Its population amounts to 183 families of Indians, and it lies to the n. of its head settlement, three leagues distant from this, and 14 from the capital.

CHUMBE, a village of the province and corregimiento of Cuenca in the kingdom of Quito. It is to the xd. of Tarqui, and on the w. shore of one of the torrents rising in fhe river Paute. Not far from it are some excellent hot baths, of which no use is made. LHere the stately melastoma and the embothriuin are growing at an elevation of 12,000 feet, according to Humboldt, who visited this village in 1802. Lat. 3° 10' s.]

CHUMBES, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Vilcas Huaman in Peru ; annexed to the curacy of Vizchongo.

CHUMBI, a settlement of the province and corof Parinacochas in Peru, where there is a pious sanctuary, with an excellent painting of the blessed virgin, said to have been given by a pontitf to the curate of this settlement when he was at Rome.

CHUMBICHA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Tucuman in Peru; situate to the w. of the valley of San Fernando de Catainarca.

CHUMBICOS, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Piura in Peru ; situate on the shore of a small river of the same name.

CHUMBILLA, a mountain of the province and corregimiento of Huamanga in Peru ; celebrated for a rich silver mine. It lies three leagues from a small settlement called Canaria, which is at present abandoned and deserted.

CHUMBIVILCAS, a province and corregimiento of Peru. It is bounded n. by the province of Quispicanchialgo, and by that of Chilques and Masques on the n. w. ; by those of Cotabamba and Aymaraez on the jr. ; by that of Condcsuyos de Arequipa on the s . ; and on the e. by that of Canes and Cauches. Its temperature is for the most part cold, although in some places temperate, so that it produces the fruits peculiar to either climate ; such as wheat, barley, maize, papas, and other seeds, though none in abundance, but plenty of neat cattle. In this province are found the lofty and vast snowy mountains called Condesuyos del Cuzco. It lies on the boundaries of the province of Parinacocha, being separated from it by the river which flows down from the province of Camana. Here much cloth peculiar to the country is manufactured ; and in its district are many mouths of gold and silver mines, the mounds and pits of which, together with the remains of several mills for working metal, indicate that in former times they were probably worked to no small advantage. They gather here a great quantity of Cochineal, which is called macno, with which cloths are dyed of very fine colours. It has likewise fountains and mineral streams of hot water, and is subject to earthquakes. Its repartimento used to amount to 85,800 dollars, and its alcavala to 685 dollars per annum. Its inhabitants, including the district of Condesuyos, amount to 16,000 souls, who live in the 22 following settlements :

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47 r

Same name, another (settlement), of the province and government of Venezuela ; situate on the shore of a river to the n, n. w. of the city of Nirua.

Same name, another (settlement), of the province and government of Yucatan ; situate on the coast between the settlements of Silan and Sisal.

Same name, another (settlement), of the missions belonging to the religious of St. Francis, in the kingdom of Nuevo Mexico.

Same name, another (settlement), of the island of Cuba ; situate on the n. coast.

[CLARE, a township on St. Mary’s bay, in Annapolis county, Nova Scotia. It has about 50 families, and is composed of woodland and salt marsh.]

CLARE, a small island of the South sea, close to the port of Guayaquil. It is desert, and two leagues in length. It is commonly called Amorta~ jado, since, being looked upon from any part, it bears the resemblance to a dead man. Twentyfive leagues from Cape Blanco.

[Clare, a very lofty mountain of the province and government of Sonora in Nueva Espaila, near the coast of the gulf of California, and in the most interior part. It was discovered in 1698.]

Same name, a small lake of New France, which is formed by the strait of Misisagues, between lake Huron and that of Erie.

Same name, a bay on the coast of the country and land of Labrador, in the strait of Belle-isle.

[CLAREMONT, a township in Cheshire county, New Hampshire, on the e. side of Connecticut river, opposite Ascutney mountain, in Vermont, and on the n. side of Sugar river ; 24; miles i. of Dartmouth college, and 121 s.w. hy w. of Portsmouth. It was incorporated in 1764, and contains 1435 inhabitants.]

[Claremont County, in Camden district, S. Carolina, contains 2479 white inhabitants, and 2110 slaves. Statesburg is the county town.]

CLARENDON, a county of South Carolina, [the southernmost in Camden district, about SO miles long and SO broad, and in 1792 contained 1790 whites and 602 slaves.]

Same name, a settlement of the island of Jamaica ; situate on the s. coast.

[Clarendon, a township near the centre of Rutland county, Vermont, watered by Otter creek and its tributary streams; 14 or 15 miles e. of Fairbaven, and 44 «. e. of Bennington. It contains 1478 inhabitants. On the s. e. side of a mountain in the w. part of Clarendon, or in the edge of Tinmouth, is a curious cave, the mouth of which is not more than two feet and a half in diameter ; in its descent the passage makes an angle with the horizon of 35° or 40°; but continues of nearly the same diameter through its whole length, which is 31^ feet. At that distance from the mouth, it opens into a spacious room, 20 feet long, 12| wide, and 18 or 20 feet high ; every part of the floor, sides, and roof of this room appear to be a solid rock, but very rough and uneven. The water is continually percolating through the top, and has formed stalactites of various forms ; many of which are conical, and some have the appearance of massive columns ; from this room there is a communication by a narrow passage to others equally curious.]

CLARINES, a settlement of the province of Barcelona, and government of Cumana, in the kingdom of Tierra Firme; lying to the e. of the city of Barcelona, and on the shore of the river Unare.

CLARKE, a settlement of the island of Barbadoes, in the district of the parish of St. Joseph, and on the e. coast.

Same name, another (settlement), of the same island (Barbadoes), on the 5 .. coast.

[Clarke, a new county of Kentucky, between the head waters of Kentucky and Licking riversIts chief town is Winchester.]

[CLARKSBURG, the chief town of Harrison county, Virginia. It contains about 40 houses, a court-house, and gaol ; and stands on the e. side of Monongahela river, 40 miles s. w. of Morgantown.]

[CLARKSTOWN, in Orange county. New York, lies on the w. side of the Tappan sea, two miles distant, n. from Tappan township six miles, and from New York city 29 miles. By the state census of 1796, 224 of its inhabitants are electors.]

[CLARKSVILLE, the chief town of what was till lately called Tennessee county, in the state of Tennessee, is pleasantly situated on the e. bank of Cumberland river, and at the mouth of Red river, opposite the mouth of Muddy creek. It contains about SO houses, a court-house, and gaol, 45, miles w. w. of Nashville, 220 n. w. by w. of Knoxville, and 940 zso. by s. of Philadelphia. Lat. 36° 25' n. Long. 87° 23' a).]

[Clarksville, a small settlement in the n, w. territory, which contained in 1791 about 60 souks. It is situate on the n. bank of the Ohio, opposite Louisville, a mile below the rapids, and 100 miles s. e. of post Vincent. It is frequently flooded when the river is high, and inhabited by people who cannot at present find a better situation.]

CLARO, a river of the district of Rexe in the

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