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The geographical and historical dictionary of America and the West Indies [volume 1]



CASONA, a river of the province of Guayana : it runs e. and enters the Esquivo,

CASPANA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Atacama, and of the archbishopric of Charcas, in Peru ; annexed to the curacy of Chiuchiu.

(CASPEAN, or Beautiful, a small lake in Greensborough, Vermont. It has Hazen blockhouse on its w. side. It is a head water of La Moille river.)

CASPIYACU, a small river of the province and government of Mainas in the kingdom of Quito ; it runs from s. s. e, to n. n, w. and enters the Yana at its sources.

(CASQUIPIBIAC, a river on the n. side of Chaleur bay, about a league from Black cape, n. w. by n. in the bottom of Casquipibiac cove, at the distance of about one league from which is the great river of Casquipibiac. It lies about w, from the former, and affords a small cod and salmon fishery.)

(CASSITAH, an Indian town in the w. part of Georgia; which, as well as the Coweta town, is 60 miles below the Horse ford, on Chattahousee river.)

CASTA, San Pedro de, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Coquimbo in the kingdom of Chile : it runs n. n. e. and enters the Mames near the sea-coast.

(CASTAHANA, Indians of N. America, who resemble the Dotames, except that they trade principally Avith the Crow Indians, and that they would most probably prefer visiting an establishment on the Yellow Stone river, or at its mouth on the Missouri.)

CASTEENS, a small river of the province of Sagadohook : it runs s. and enters the sea in the bay of Penobscot. On its shore and at its mouth is a settlement of Indians, where the English have a fort and an establishment.

CASTELA, a large and navigable river of the province and government of Moxos in the kingdom of Quito, being formed from those of the Beni and Paravari ; it afterwards unites itself with that oftheYtenes, and changes its name to Madera, which joins the Maranon on the s. side, in lat. 3° 13' 18" s.

CASTELLANOS, Puerto, a port in the large island of San Sebastian, and near the coast of Brazil, and province and captainship of San Vincente.

CASTILLA, Santo Tomas de, a settlement of the province and government of Honduras in the kingdom of Guatemala. Its port is good, and well frequented with vessels.

CASTILLA DEL ORO. See Tierra Firme*

CASTILLO, a river of the province and district of Quillota in the kingdom of Chile : it runs wand joins the Pcrquilabquien to enter the Longamilla.

Castillo, a port of the coast, in the same province and kingdom, between the former river and the port Valparaiso.

Castillo, a settlement of the province and government of Tucumán, in the jurisdiction of the city of Cordova ; situate on the shores of the river Tercero, near the mouth Avhere this enters the Saladillo.

CASTILLOS Grandes, an island of the province and captainship of Rey in Brazil. It is very near the coast, between the cape Santa Maria of the river La Plata and the cape of Las Yncas; the Portuguese have a fort in it.

Castillos Grandes, another island, with the addition of Chicos, to distinguish it from the other in the same province and kingdom, and at a little distance from the above island.

Castillos Grandes, a point of land or extremity of the island of Guadalupe, opposite those of Deseada and of Marigalante.- It is thus called from two castles which it has in it.

(CASTINE, the shire town of Hancock county, district of Maine, is situate on Penobscot bay. It was taken from the town of Penobscot, and incorporated in Feb. 1796. It is named after a French gentleman who resided here ISO years ago, as also)

(Castine River, which is about 14 miles long, is navigable lor six miles, and has several mills at the head of it. It empties into Penobscot bay.)

(CASTLE Island. See Crooked Island.)

(CASTLETOWN, a township in Richmond county, Stateti island, New York, which contains 805 inhabitants, including 114 slaves; 114 of its inhabitants are electors.)

(CASTLETON, a township and river in Rutland county, Vermont, 20 miles s. e. of mount Independence at Ticonderoga. Lake Bombazon is chiefly in this town, and sends its waters into Castleton river, which, rising in Pittsford, passes through this town in a s. westerley course, and fails into Pultney river in the town of Fairhaven, a little below Colonel Lyon’s iron Avorks. Fort Warner stands in thistoAvn. Inhabitants 805.)

(CASTOR’S River, in Newfoundland island, empties in the harbour of St. John’s. Its size is considerable for 15 miles from the sea.)

(Castor, Estanque del, a lake of the province and colony of Virginia, on the shore of the

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Chuquibamba, and the other settlements of its jurisdiction, -which comprehend nine curacies, are the following :


San Pedro de Illotnas, Andaray, Yanaquihua, Chorunga,










Cliilca and Marca, Viraco,

Pampacolca, Umachulco,

H uancarama, Orcopampa,



San J nan Crisostomo de Choco,

Ucuchacas, Machahuay,

Arirahua, Tipan.

CONDIRAS, an arm of the river Jamunda, in the country of Las Amazonas, and in the Portuguese possessions. It runs from the lake Maripava, and enters the Maranon.

CONDOCONDO, a settlement of the province and corre^imiento of Pariá in Peru.

CONDONOMA, a mine, celebrated for its abundance of silver, of the province and corregimiento of Tinta in Peru.

CONDORGUASI, a settlement of the province and government of Tucumán in Peru ; belonging to the jurisdiction of Jujui, situate on the shore of the river Laquiaca.

CONDOROMA, a settlement and asiento of the silver mines of the province of Canes and Canches or Tinta in Peru, -where, during tempests of thunder and lightning, is experienced a singular phenomenon ; namely, a certain prickly sensation upon the hands and face, -which they called moscas, (flies), though none of these insects are ever seen. It is indeed attributed to the air, which is at that time highly charged with electric fluid ; the effects of which may be observed on the handles of sticks, buckles, lace, and other metal trinkets ; the same effects ceasing as soon as the tempest is over. It is observed, that in no other parts is the same phenomenon known to exist.

CONDOROMA, another settlement, of the province and government of Chucuito in the same kingdom ; situate on the shore of the lake.

CONDUITE, or CoNDUITA, a small river of the province and country of the Iroquees Indians. It runs w. forming a curve, and enters the lake Oswego.

(CONDUSKEEG, a settlement in the district of Maine, in Hancock county, containing 567 inhabitants.)

CONEUAGUANET, a small river of the pro-


vince and colony of Pennsylvania and counfy of Cumberland. It runs c. and enters the Susquehanna.

CONEGA, a small island of the s. coast of the island of Newfoundland, between the isle of Despair and port Bartran.

CONEGHTA, a small river of S. Carolina. It rises in the territory of the Tuscaroras Indians, runs s. e. and enters the Neus.

(CONEGOCHEAGUE Creek rises near Mercersburg, Franklin county, Pensylvania, runs s. in a -winding course, and after supplying a number of mills, empties into the Potowmack, at William port, in W ashington county, Maryland ; 19 miles s. e. of Hancock, and eight miles s, of the Pennsylvania line.)

CONEGOGEE, a small river of the province and colony of Maryland. It runs s. and enters the Potowmack.

CONEIUAGA, a small river of the province and colony of Pennsylvania, in the county of York, It runs e. and enters the Susquehanna.

(CONEMAUGH River, and Little Cor emaugh, are the head waters of Kiskemanitas, in Pennsylvania : after passing through Laurel hill and Chesnut ridge, Conemaugh takes that name, and empties into the Alleghany, 29 miles n. e. of Pittsburg. It is navigable for boats, and there is -a portage of 18 miles between it and the Frankstown branch of Juniata river.)

(CONENTES, Las, a city of La Plata or Paraguay in S. America, in the diocese of Buenos Ayres.)

(CONESTEO, a w. w. branch of Tioga river in New York. See Canjcodeo Creek.)

CONESTOGA, a settlement of Indians of the same province and colony as the former river ; situate between the e. and w. arms of the river Susquehanna, where the English have a fort and establishment for its defence.

Conestoga, a river of this province, whichruns w. then turns s. and enters the Susquehanna.

(CONESUS, a small lake in the Genessee country. New York, which sends its waters n. w, to Genessee river.)

CONETLA, a settlement of the province and alcaldia mayor of Comitlan in the kingdom of Guatemala.

CONFINES. See Villanueva de los Infantes.

CONFUSO. See Togones.

CONG, a small river of the province and c^piainship of Rio Grande in Brazil. It rises near the coast, runs e. and enters the sea between the river Goyana and the settlement of Gonzalo.

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