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Texas State Association of Architects Minutes and Proceedings



Meeting Aug 26/95 Beach hotel Galveston 159

Moved by Wood seconded by Messer and carried unanimously by that the minutes ^ of 1895 be approved as read Present Alfred Mueller V. P. A. A. Messer Treas J R G, Secy - A. O. Watson, Tom Wood.

A vote of thanks ( be and is []) extended to vice-president Mueller for his elequent and able address, V.P. appointed A A Messer & Tom Wood upon Ex. comp Report of Executive Committee upon appli[?] (was? passedoation of T. S. Glover, favorably; Elected unanimously_ Moved by Gordon, seconded by Wood that a committee of [] three be appointed to formulate a code of ethics petition, those submitted individually by the Members presentMoved by Messer that secy be instructed to send statements to all members requesting sentiment & reply - seconded by Glover carried -

Moved by Mueller Glover and seconded by Watson Wood that the mext conversation be held at Galveston upon call of the President in August 1896-

Secretary instructed to write Owen Brainard 44 [Bwdy] copies of Ethics of Architectural Competitions by John M. Carrere

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