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that should there ever arise another demand similar to the one of recent date at our capital our government will not feel that they must import experts, but will call upon our president to appoint a committee of one or more as the case demands.

I was much pleased when I saw the Dallas News take up the cue in behalf of our association and I feel we ought to both individually and collectively extend our hearty thanks for the part it performed as I believe it has its weight with the heads at the capital; I was much pleased also to see two of our association selected to serve on the committee. In all honor to Mr Harrod of New Orleans whom I have known long and favorably and know him to be high-toned gentleman and well worthy of the trust, would say if it is possible for us honorably to make it his first and last visit in like capacity.

To accomplish this I think we should abandon some things that have been practiced. Never entertain a client that we know has previously employed another architect until he has settled with and discharged him.

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