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The capital building has been changed and improved by additional winfs, larger is extent than the original building and crowned by a towering dome of iron, from the design of the late president of the American Institute of Architects, Thomas A. Walter, and it stands today a proud monument of his skill, as an able and accomplished architect, something for all to admire. The old War, Navy and State Departments have been torn down, and their places has been erected one of the most beautiful granite buildings on the American continent today, something to be admired, that will last for all time to come. The Patent Office, Post Office and various other public government buildings are all finished and complete, and all present a high degree of national grandure in keeping with the spirit of our free republic. The private buildings and business blocks of that city that have been recently are from the best, most chaste and beautiful designs of American architecture of the present day. All speak plainly of the tasste and ability of the

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