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Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention of the Texas State Association of Architects, held at Austin, Jan 18th 1887

Convention called to order by J. J. Kane, President at 10:30 A.M. with 14 members present.

On motion, the minutes of the last convention were [?] with.

The report of the Executive Board of Trustees was called for and by request were allowed from the time to report.

Adjoined to [?]

Afternoon Session

Convention called to order, Pres. Kane in the chair

The report of the Board of Trustees was read and approved as follows:


Each [need?] from all sources $170 00
" paid [amt] by Sec'y $70.95
" " " [?] Ex Comm 14.50 85.45
Bal. on hand $84.55
In Treas. hands $80.50
" Secy's " $80.50
(Roll of members in good standing) (page 2)
Association [shows?] a charter
Seal [electrotypes?] Booke stationery [?]

An act regulating the practice of architecture in the state of Texas was also read and approved.'

//left margin// Actions of Ex. Comm. at Bosque Co. (see page 2 printed proceedings)

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