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Ex. Committee

Report of the Secretary received and approved -

Report of Treas. read and approved, as [?] of finances and finally as a [?] -

The names of delinquents on fees are by motion {cont IV V?], suspended as fellows, J. E. Flanders, W. H. Tyndall, Geo E. Dickey, A. N. Dawson, S. B. Haggert. Sec'y [sustained?] to notify of delinquent of their suspension and also [intimated?] to notify Mr. Flanders is [?] by operation of [?] and that by action of Ex. Comm. he [?] reinstated [?] payment of [dues?]

Sec'y authorized to notify [?] A. B. Bristol and [?] that their appreciation is not in proper order and shape because [endowments?] are not by members in good standing

On motion Sec'y authorized to [?] the Pres the [?] list of membership -

Afternoon Session

The Ex. Comm. appoint a sub-comm. of [?] J. Larmour, Heiner and Wahrenberger [?] duty it shall be to look after the interest of the Bill regulating [the?] practice of architecture and have some properly introduced in the legislature.

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