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The following resolution presented by Mr. Andrewartha was adopted and ordered [spread?] on the minutes - Whereas: It appears that [press?] abuses and [pernicious?] practices exist and have been [?] in selecting plans, contracts and superintending public and private buildings throughout this state [?] to the best public and private architects of the state and to the advancement of the arch. profession and practice of building, and most abuses can be traced both directly and indirectly to the agency of scheming manufacturer's agents, contractors and others for their selfish and speculative purposes.

Therefor be it resolved and it is recommended by this convention that the entire fellowship of this association and nearly all the best renown architects throughout the state and others who may locate [the?] duly qualified and become fellows of this association as soon as practicable to procure legal rights, and petition the coming legislative assembly of this state to make and pass laws to govern all matter pertaining to our profession for the good of the state [?] and the advancement of skill in both the profession and the practice of building and to use all lawful and fair means and influences to secure success.

It was moved that the convention now adjourn. Carried.

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