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126- Su cuello de el (hablando de un nino) English: The little boy's neck
' suku~ i~i~ ' čilulu
127- Acuestate aqui! English: Lay down here!
' ku'tuu ' žaʔ
128- Se hizo bonita la flor English: the flower became beautiful
'tii 'ita ' žaʔa
129- Hirvió cinco huever English: boiled five eggs
ni 'kiti 'u~ ʔu~ ^nditi
130- dos banquitos nuevos. English: two new benches
uu 'tey 'xaa
Someone said to the boy regarding his neck, "Lay down here!"
And then, the flower grew beautifully.
After, they were able to boil five eggs and make two new benches.

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