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Mss Folio Word 1 Word 2 Word 3 Word 4 Word 5 Word 6 Word 7 Word 8
A MVſynge vpon the reſtlees byſynesse
Ar Muſyng vpon the reſteles buſynes
Ad Mvſing vpon the reſtles beſyneſſe
As MVſynge vpon the reſteles beſynes
Bo Muſyng opon the reſtles beſynes
Cc Muſyng opon þe reſtles beſineſſe
Co Muſinge vpon the reſtles beſineſſe
Di Muſyng vpon the reſteles byſynesse
Do (ILLEG) vpon the reſtles biſyneſſe
Du Muſinge vpon the Reſtles biſineſſe
Ed MVſynge vpon þe reſteles beſeyneſſe
Fi1 lacking until l. 66
Fi2 Muſyng vpon the reſtles beſyneſſe
Ga Muſing uppon the reſteles byſynes
Gg Muſing vpon the reſtleſſe beſines
Ha1 Muſyng opon þe reſtles byſynes
Ha3 Muſyng of the reſtlees beſyneſſe
Ha4 [17RC ] Musyng up on the reſtles biſyneſse
Ha5 F204R Muſing vpon the reſtlees beſineſſe
Hh Muſyng vpon the reſtles beſineſſe
Hn1 Muſyng vpon the reſtles beſynes
Hn2 Muſyng vpon the reſteleſſe beſyneſſe
La Muſyng~ vpon the reſtles byſynes
Ne Muſyng opon þe restles biſyneſſe
Na F80R Muſyng uppon the reſtleſſe beſines
Qu Muſyng vpon the reſtles beſynes
Ra1 [F1R]
Ro Muſyng vpon the reſtles biſyneſſe
Ry1 []uſyng vpon the restles beſyneſſe
Ry2 Muſyng vpon the reſtles beſyneſſe
Ry3 MVſynge vp on the reſtelees byſynesse
Ry4 MVſynge upon the reſtles beſyneſſe
Se LACKING TO l. 897
Sj Muſing vpon the reſteles beſyneſſe
Sl1 []uſyng vpon the reſtlees biſyneſſe
Sl2 MVſynge the reſtelees buſyneſſe
So [MS DAMAGE] reſtles beſineſſe
Tc Muſinge vpon the reſtles beſyneſſe
Ya Muſyng~ vpon þe reſtles byſynes

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