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canons in Salamatica, passed over to the Indies as
vicar of the province of Santa Cruz in the Spapish
island, came to Spain at the general capitulation,
and was elected bishop of Cuba in 1602 ; he at-
tempted to translate the cathedral to the Havana,
but did not succeed ; visited Florida, and was
promoted to the mitre of Guatemala in 1610.

12. Dm Fray Alonso Enriquez de Armendariz,
of the order of Nuestra Senora de la Merced, na-
tive of Navarra; was comendador of Granada,
titular bishop of Sidonia, and nominated to Cuba
in 1610; he wrote, by order of the king, a
spiritual and temporal relation of his bishopric,
and w’as promoted to that of Mechoacan in 1624.

13. Don Fray Gregorio de Alarcon, of the
order of St. Augustin ; elected in the same year ;
died in the voyage.

14. Don Leon de Cervantes, native of Mexico ;
he studied in Salamanca, and was collegiate in
the university of Sigiienza, school-master in the
church of Santa Fe, in the Nuevo Reyno de Gra-
nada, bishop of Santa Marta, and promoted to this
see in 1625, and from this to that of Guadalaxara,
in 1631.

15. Don Fray Geronimo Manrique de Lara,
of the order of Nuestra Sefiora de la Merced, twice
comendador of Olmedo, difinidor of the province
of Castille, and master in sacred theology ; elected
bishop of Cuba in 1631 ; he died in 1645.

16. Don Martin de Zelaya Ocarriz, in 1645.

17. Don Nicolas de la Torre, native of Mexico,
first professor of theology in its university, four
limes rector of the same, canon of that metropo-
litan church, first chaplain of the college of
Nuestra Senora de la Caridad, examiner-general
of the archbishopric, and visitor-general of the
convents ; presented to the bishopric of Cuba in
1646 ; died in 1652.

18. Don Juan de Montiel, until 1656.

19. Don Pedro de Reyna Maldonado, native
of Lima, a celebrated writer, who governed un-
til 1658.

20. Don Juan de Santa Matia Saenz de Ma-
nosca, native of Mexico, inquisitor of that capi-
tal ; elected in 1661, promoted to the church of
Guatemala in 1667.

21. Don Fray Bernardo Alonso de los Rios, of
the order of La Trinidad Calzada, until 1670.

22. Don Gabriel Diaz Vara and Caldron, until

23. Don Juan Garcia de Palacios, until 1680.

24. Don Fray Baltasar de Figueroa y Guinea,
a Bernard ine monk, until 1683.

,25. Don Diego Ebelino dc Compostela, in 1685.

26. Don Fray Geronimo de Valdes, Basilican
monk; elected, in 1703, bishop of Portorico, and
promoted to this in 1706.

27. Don Fray Francisco de Yzaguirre, of the
religious order of St. Augustin ; he governed until

28. Don Fray Gaspar de Molina y Oviedo, of
the order of St. Augustin ; elected in 1730, pro-
moted before he took possession of the bishopric
of Malaga to the government of the cogncil, and
afterwards to the purple.

29. Don Fray J uan Laso de la Vega y Cansino.
of the religious order of St. P'rancis ; elected in the
same year, 1730.

30. Don Pedro Agustin Morel de Santa Cruz ;
he governed until 1753.

31. Don Santiago de Echavarria y Elquezaga,
native of Cuba ; promoted to the bishopric of Ni-
caragua in 1753.

Governors and Captains-general who have presided
in the island of Cuba.

1. Don Diego Velazquez, native of Cuellar,
knight of the order of Santiago, a conqueror and
settler of this island, nominated by the Admiral
Christopher Columbus in 1511; he governed
Avith great applause until his death, in 1524.

2. Manuel de Roxas, native of the same town
as was his predecessor, on account of whose death
he was nominated to the bishopric, and in remem-
brance of the great credit he had acquired in the
conquest of the island, receiving his appointment
at the hands of the audience of St. Domingo, and
being confirmed in it by the emperor in 1525 ; he
governed until 1538.

3. Hernando de Soto, who governed until

4. The Licentiate Juan de Avila, until 1545.

5. The Licentiate Antonio de Chaves, until

6. The Doctor Gonzalo Perez Angulo, until

7. Diego Mazariegos, until 1554.

8. Garcia Osorio, until 1565.

9. Pedro Melendez de Aviles, until 1568.

10. Don Gabriel de Montalvo, until 1576.

11. The Captain Francisco Carreno, until

12. The Licentiate Gaspar de Toro, until

13. Gabriel de Lujan, until 1584.

14. The militia colonel Juan de Texeda, until

15. Don Juan Maldonado Barrionuevo, until

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