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vince and government of Buenos Ayres, founded
in ]629, in lat. 29° 29' 1" 5.]
t])Cruz, Santa, an island oftheN. sea,^one of the
Antilles, 22 leagues long and five wide. Its terri-
tory is fertile, but the air unhealthy at certain sea-
sons, from the low situation. It has many rivers,
streams, and fountains, with three very good and
convenient ports. It was for a long while desert,
until some English settled themselves in it, and
began to cultivate it; afterwards the French pos-
sessed themselves of it, in 1650, and sold it the
following year to the knights of Malta, from whom
it was bought, in 1664, by the West India com-
pany. In 1674, it was incorporated with the pos-
sessions of the crown by the king of France. Its
inhabitants afterwards removed to the island of St.
Domingo, demolished the forts, and sold it to a
company of Danes, of Copenhagen, who now
possess it. It was the first of the Antilles which
was occupied by the Spaniards ; is SO leagues

from the island of St. Christopher’s, eight from
Puertorico, six from that of Boriquen, and five
from that of St. Thomas. It abounds in sugars
cane and tobacco, as also in fruits, which render
it very delightful. [It is said to produce SO, 000
or 40,000 hhds. of sugar annually, and other W.
India commodities, in tolerable plenty. It is in
a high state of cultivation, and has about 3000
white inhabitants and 30,000 slaves. A great
proportion of the Negroes of this island have em-
braced Christianity, under the Moravian mission-
aries, whose influence has been greatly promotive
of its prosperity.

The official value of the Imports and Exports
of Santa Cruz were, in

1809, imports ^^435,378, exports ^ig84,964.

1810, 422,033, 89,949.

And the quantities of the principal articles im--

ported into Great Britain were, in




Cotton Wool.

Brit. Plant.

For. Plant.

Brit. Plant.

For. Plant.







1809, 297






1810, 31




Santa Cruz is in lat. 70° 44' n. Long. 64° 43' w.
See West Indies.]

Cruz, Santa, a small island in the straits
©f Magellan, opposite cape Monday. The Ad-
miral Pedro Sarmiento took possession of it for the
crown of Spain, that making the tenth time of its
being captured.

Cruz, Santa, a small island of the coast of
Brazil, in the province and captainship of Rey,
between that coast and the island of Santa Catalina.

Cruz, Santa, a sand -bank or islet near the n.
coast of the island of Cuba, and close to the sand-
bank of Cumplido.

Cruz, Santa, a point of the coast of the province
and government of Honduras, called Triunfo de
la Cruz, (Triumph of the Cross), between the
port of La Sal and the river Tian, SO leagues from
the gulf, in lat. 15° 40'.

Cruz, Santa, a port of the coast which lies be-
tween the river La Plata and the straits of Magellan.
On one side it has the Ensenada Grande, or Large
Bay, and on the other the mountain of Santa Ines.
Lat. 50° 10' s.

==Cruz, Santa, a river of the coastwhich lies be-
tween the river La Plata and the straits of Magel-
lan. It runs into the sea.


Cruz, Santa, a small river of the province
and captainship of Los Ilheos in Brazil. It
rises near the coast, runs e. and enters the sea be-
tween the Grande and the Dulce, opposite the
shoals ofS. Antonio.

Cruz, Santa, another, of the province and
captainship of Seara in the same kingdom. It rises
near the coast, runs n. and enters the sea between
the point of Palmeras and that of Tortuga,

Cruz, Santa, another, of the province and
government of Maracaybo. It rises in the sierra
of Perija, runs e. and enters the great lake on the
w. side.

Cruz, Santa, a lake of the province and country
of the Chiquitos Indians in Peru, formed from a
drain issuing from the side of the river Para-
guay, opposite the cordillera of San Fernando.

Cruz, Santa, a small island of the gulf of California, or Mar Roxo de Cortes; situate near the
coast, between the two islands of Catalana and San

Cruz, Santa, a small port of the island of Curacao, in the w. part, opposite the island of Oruba.

Cruz, Santa, a mountain on the coast of the
Malvine or Falkland isles.

Cruz, Santa, a cape or point of the coast of thx

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