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same kingdom. It contains 180 families of In-
dians, and 60 of Spaniards, Mustees, and Mulattoes.
Here is an hospital of the religious order of St.
Francis. Seven leagues from its capital.

(COXHALL, a township in York county, dis-
trict of Maine, containing 775 inhabitants.)

COXIMAR, a large plain of the coast of the
island of Cuba, close by the city of Havana, in
which is a fortified tower. On this plain the Eng-
lish drew up their troops when they besieged that
place, in 1762.

COXIMES, a settlement of the province and
government of Esmeraldas in the kingdom of
Quito ; situate on the sliore of the S. sea, on the
point formed by the port Palmar, under the equi-
noctial line.

COXO, a settlement of the province and go-
vernment of Venezuela ; situate on the sea-coast,
close to the settlement of Carvalleda.

(COXSAKIE, a township in the w. part of
Albany county, New York, containing S406 in-
habitants, of whom 302 are slaves. Of the citi-
zens 613 are electors.)

COXUMATLAN, a settlement of the head
settlement of Zanguio and afcaldia mayor of Za-
mora in Nueva Espana ; situate on the shore of the
sea of Chapala, and being backed by a large moun-
tain covered with fruit-trees of various kinds, and
excellent timber and woods. It contains 17 tami-
lies of Indians, who employ themselves in fishing
and in agriculture. Four leagues to the w. of its
head settlement.

COYAIMAS, a barbarous and ancient nation
of Indians of the province and government of Po-
in the kingdom of Quito, and district of the
townofNeiba. Tliese Indians are valorous, ro-
bust, faithful, and enemies to the Pijaos. Some
of tl)ern have become converted to the Catholic
faith, and liveuniteil in settlemenis.

(COYAU, a settlement on Tennessee river, SO
miles below Knoxville.)

COYONES, a barbarous nation of Indians, who
inhabit the s. w. of Tocuyo. They are ferocious
and infidels, and live upon the mountains. Their
numbers at the present day are much reduced.


COZAL, a settlement of the province and alcaldia
mayor of Zacapula in the kingdom of Guatemala.

COZALCAQUE, San Felipe de, a settlement
of the head settlement of Tenantitlan, and alcaldia
mayor of Acaynca, in Nueva Espana. It contains
51 families of Indians, and is 10 leagues to the e.
and one-fourth to the a. e, of its head settlement.

COZAMALOAPAN, a province and alcaldia
viayor of Nueva España, the capital of which

bears the same name, with the dedicatory title of
San Martin, and which is situate on a plain half a
league long, and somewhat less broad, surrounded
by mountains so knit together, that, at the time of
its foundation, passes were obliged to be o[>ened.
Through this province runs a river, which flows
down from the sferTflA of Zongolica, and which
afterwards takes the nam.e of Alvarado, it is of
a hot and moist temperature, and continually ex-
posed to inundations during the rainy seasons,
owing to the immense overflowings of the rivers.
Its population is composed of 38 families of Spa-
niards, 128 of Mulattoes, and 34 of Mexican In-
dians, who maintain themselves by the gathering
of cotton and maize ; and this last in such abun-
dance as to supply Vera Cruz. The Spaniards
employ themselves in fishing in the rivers, which
abound with fish the three last months of the year,
and they carry them for sale into the other juris-
dictions. It has, besides the parish church, a
temple of superior architecture, dedicated to
Nuestra Seilora de la Soledad, though it be com-
monly called, Of Cozomalotipan, being of such
ancient origin as to be said to liave existed 12
years before the conquest of the kingdom. This
temple was inhabited by a religious fraternity, ap-
proved by his holiness Gregory XIII. he having
granted to the same many favours and indulgences,
which, through the devotion of the communily,
were perpetuated, through several prodigies and
miracles which afterwards took place in the set-
tlement, and in its district. One hundred and
fifteen leagues s. s.xo. of Mexico, in lat. 17^ 47' ;
long. 274° 50'. The jurisdiction of this alcaldia
consists in the folloAving settlements :

A rnatlnn,








COZAQUl, Santa Maria de, a settlement of
the head settlement of Acazingo and alcaldia
mayor of Tepeaca, in Nueva Espana. It contains
four families of Spaniards, 33 Aluslees and Mu-
lattocs, and 51 of Indians. It is a quarter of a
league lioni its head settlement.

COZATLA, San Juan de, a settlement of the
head settlement of Axixique, and ahaldia mayor of
Zayula, in the same kingdom. It contains 60
familie.s of Indians,
its head settlement.

COZAUTEPEC, a settlement and head settle-
ment of the alcaldia mayor of Chichicapain Nu-
eva Espana, of the province and bishopric of

iid is two leagues to the w. of

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