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CONGACA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Angaraes in Pern ; annexed to the
uracy of Yulcamarca.

CONGARI, a large river of S. Carolina. It
runs s. e. taking various names, till it enters the
sea. It is first called Trente Milles, or Thirty
Miles, then Congari, and afterwards Santi.

CONGAS, a settlement of the province and ror-
regimiento of Caxatambo in Peru ; annexed to the
curacy of Ocros.

CONGER, Rock of, a small island or rock,
close to the e. coast of the island of Barbadoes.

CONGO, a settlement of the province and go-
vernment of Darien, and kingdom of Tierra N ueva ;
situate on the shore of a river, which gives it
its name, and of the coast of the S. sea, within
the gulf of S. Miguel.

CONGOHAS, a settlement of the province and
captainship of Espiritu Santo in Brazil ; situate to
the w. of the Villa Rica.

CONGURIPO, Santiago de, a- settlement of
the head settlement of Puruandiro, and alcaldta
mayor of Valladolid, in the province and bishopric
of Mechoacan ; situate on a plain or shore of the
Rio Grande. It is of a hot temperature, and con-
tains 12 families of Spaniards and Mustees^ and 57
of Indians. Twenty-six leagues from the captital

CONHAWAY, a large river of N. Carolina.
It runs many leagues ; first n. e. then n. and after-
wards n. w. and enters the Ohio. It is called also
Wood river and New river.

CONHAWAY, another, in the province and colony
of Virginia, with the additional title of Petit, or
Little. It also runs n. w, and enters the Ohio.

(CONHOCTON Creek, in New York, is the
n. head water of Tioga river. Near its mouth is
the settlement called Bath.)

CONICARI, a settlement of the province and
government of Cinaloa in Nueva Espana ; situate
on the shore and at the source of the river Mayo.
It is a reduccion of the missions which were held
by the regulars of the company of Jesuits.

CONIGUAS, a barbarous nation of Indians of
the province and government of Tarma in Peru,
who inhabit the mountains of the Andes, united
with the Cunchos, and of whom but little is known.

CONIL, Bocas de, entrances which the sea
makes upon the coast of the province of Yucatán,
between the river Lagartos, and the baxos or shoals
of Cuyo.

CONILABQUEN, a small river of the district
of Tolten Alto in the kingdom of Chile. It runs s.
and enters the Token.

CONIMA, a settlement of the province and cor-

CON 507

regimiento of Paucarcolla in Peru ; annexed to the
curacy of Moxo.

CONNECTICUT, a county of the province
and colony of New England in N. America. It is
bounded w. by New York and the river Hudson ;
is separated from the large island by an arm of the
sea to the s. ; has to the e. Rhode island, with part
of the colony of Massachusetts, and the other part
of the same colony to the n. It is traversed by a
river of the same name, which is the largest of the
whole province, and navigable by large vessels for
40 miles. This province abounds in wood, tur-
pentine, and resins ; in the collecting of which
numbers of the inhabitants are occupied, although
the greater part of them are employed in fishing,
and in hewing timber for the building of vessels
and other useful purposes. The merchants of the
province once sent to King Charles II. some tim-
ber or trees, of so fine a growth as to serve for
masts of ships of the largest burthen. The great
trade of woods and timbers carried on by means
of the river has much increased its navigation.
This territory is not without its mines of metal,
such as lead, iron, and copper: the first of these
have yielded some emolument, but the others
have never yet produced any thing considerable,
notwithstanding the repeated attempts which have
been made to work them. This county is well
peopled and flourishing, since it numbers upwards
of 40,000 souls, notwithstanding the devastations
that it has suftered through the French, the In-
dians, and the pirates, in the reign of Queen Anne,
when all the fishing vessels were destroyed.
When this colony was first founded, many great
privileges were given it, which have always been
maintained by the English governor, through
the fidelity which it manifested in not joining
the insurrection of the province of Massachusetts,
until, in the last war, it was separated from the
metropolis, as is seen in the article U n ited States
OF America.

(Connecticut, one of the United States of
North America, called by the ancient natives
Qunnihticut, is situated between lat. 41° and 42°
2' n. and between long. 71° 20' and 7.3° 15' w. Its
greatest breadth is 72 miles, its length 100 miles;
bounded «. by Massachusetts ; e. by Rhode island ;
s. by the sound which divides it from Long island ;
and w. by the state of New York. This state
contains about 4674 square miles; equal to about
2,640,000 acres. It is divided into eight counties,
viz. Fairfield, New Haven, Middlesex, and New
London, which extend along the sound from w. to
c. : Litchfield, Hartford, Tolland, and Windham,
extend in the same direction on the border of the]
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