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(lereent of Quecliollenan^o, and nkaldia mni/or
of Chilapa, in Nueva Espana. It contains 27
families of Indians, and is three leagues from its
head settlement.

COLOYA, a settlement of the province and
government of Popayán in the corregimiento of

COLPA, a settlement of the province and cor-
reghniento of Aymaraez in Peru'; annexed to the
curacy ot Pituhuanca in the province of Cocha-

COLPAPIRHUA , a settlement of the province
an^l corregimiento of Cochabamba in Peru ; an-
nexed to the curacy of Tiquipaya.

COLPES, a settlem.ent of the province and
government of Tucumán, in the district of its ca-

COLPI, a small river of the kingdom of Chile,
It runs n. and enters the Quisu.

COLQUEMARCA, a settlement of the jrro-
vince and correghniento of Chumbivilcas in Peru.

COLQUEPATA, a settlement of tiie province
and cori'egimienlo of Paucartambo in Peru; an-
nexed to the curacy of its capital.

COLQUI, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Cicasica in Peru ; annexed to
the curacy of Mohosa in the province of Cocha-

COLQUIOC, a settlement of the province and
corregimienlo of Caxatambo in Peru ; annexed to
the curncy ofCaxacay.

(COLRAINE, a township in Hampshire coun-
ty, Massachusetts, which contains 229 houses,
and 1417 inhabitants,)

COLTA, a large lake of the province and
forregimiento of Riobamba in the kingdom of
Quito, near that city to the s. It is about two
leagues in length from n, to s. and is of an oval
figure. Its banks are covered with very fine
rushes and eneax, or flags; but fish will not breed
in it, owing to the coldness of the climate ; it has
two very small streams, the one to the w. and pass-
ing very near to Riobamba, and the other to the
s. entering the n. side of the river Gamote.

(COLUMBIA, a township in Washington
county, district of Maine, on Pleasant river, ad-
joining Macliias on the 7i.e. and was formerly
called Plantations No. 12 and 13. It was incor-
porated in 1796. The town of Machias lies 15
miles to the e. ; it is nine miles from Steuben.)

(Columbia County, in New York, is bounded
n. by Rensselaer, s. by Dutchess, e. by the state
of Massachusetts, and w. by Hudson river, which
divides it from Albany county. It is 32 miles in
length and 21 in breadth, and is divided into

eight towns, of which Hudson, Claverack, and
Kinderhook, are the chief. It contained in 1790
27,732 inhabitants, and in 1796, 3560 electors.)

(Columbia College. See New York City.)

(Columbia, Territory of. See Washington,
or the Federal City.)

(Columbia, a post-town, the capital of Ker-
county, and the seat of government of S.
Carolina. It is situated in Camden district, on
the e. side of the Congaree, just below the con-
fluence of Saluda and Broad rivers ; the streets are
regular, and the town contains upwards of 70
houses. The public offices have, in some mea-
sure, been divided, for the accomodation of the
inhabitants of the lower counties, and a branch
of each retained in Charlestown. It lies 115 miles
«. n. u\ of Charlestown, .35 s. w. of Camden, 85
from Augusta in Georgia, and 678 s. u\ of Phila-
delphia. Jjat. 33° 58' n. Long. 8° 5' ay.)

(Columbia, a flourishing po.st-town in Gooch-
county, Virginia, on the «. side of James
river, at the mouth of the Rivanna. It contains
about 40 houses, and a warehouse for the inspec-
tion of tobacco. It lies 45 miles above Richmond,
35 from Charlottesville, and 328 s. w. of Phila-

(Columbia, atown newly laid out in Lancas-
county, Pennsylvania, on the n. e. bank of
Susquehannah river, at Wright’s ferry, 10 miles
w. of Lancaster, and 76 to. by n. of Philadel-

(Columbia County, in the upper district of
Georgia, is bounded by Savannah e. on the n. e,
and e. which separates it from the state of S. Caro-
lina, w. of Richmond county. Its shape is
very irregular.)

(Columbia, a town on the «. w. territory, on
the «. bank of Ohio river, and on thezo. side of the
mouth of Little Miami river; about six miles s. e.
by e. of fort W ashington, eight e. by s. of Cincin-
nati, and 87 n. by w. of Lexington in Kentucky.
Lat. 38° 44' ? 2 .)

COMACARI, a large river of the kingdom of
Nuevo Mexico.

COMACHUEN, Santa Maria de, a settle-
ment of the head settlement of Siguinan, and akai-
dia mayor of Valladolid, in the province and
bishopric of Mechoacan, with 25 families of In-
dians, whose only occupation is in making saddle-
trees. Two leagues from its head settlement.

COMAGRE, a very small, barren, and desert
island of the N. sea, on the coast of the province
and government of Darien, and nearly to the s. of
the island of Pinos.

COMALA, a settlement of the head settlement

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