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villa, president of the courts of chancery of Gra-
nada and Valladolid, elected bishop ; he died in
Lima before he took possession.

7. Don Alonso Ramirez Granero, and not Pedro,
as Gil Gonzalez will have it ; a native of V illaes-
cusa in the bishopric of Cuenca, a collegiate of
this city, dean of the church of Guadix, and Jiscal
of the inquisition of Mexico ; elected archbishop
in 1574 ; he governed until 1578.

8. Don Frai/ Juan de Vivero, native of Valla-
dolid, of the order of St. Augustin ; he passed
over to Peru, was prior of his convent of Lima,
presented to the archbishopric .of Cartagena of the
Indies, and to this archbishopric ; but these digni-
ties he would not accept ; he returned to Spain, and
died in his convent of Toledo.

9. Don Alonso Ramirez de Vergara, native of
Segura de Leon, collegiate in Malaga, Alcala, and
Salamanca, professor of arts, and canon of Malaga ;
he was presented to the archbishopric of Charcas
in 1594, and died in 1 603.

10. Don Fra^ Luis Lopez de Solis, native of
Salamanca, of the order of St. Augustin ; he passed
over into Peru, where he was master of his reli-
gious order, professor of theology, prior provin-
cial, and qualificator of the inquisition; he was
promoted to the church of Quito, and to this me-
tropolitan see.

11. Don Fra?y Ignacio de Loyola, a monk of
the barefooted order of St. Francis ; he was commis-
sary in the province of Pilipinas, and on his return
to Spain elected archbishop of Charcas.

12. Don Alonso de Peralta, native of Arequipa,
archdeacon and inquisitor of Mexico, and arch-
bishop of Charcas, where he died.

13. Don Frn^ Geronimo de Tiedra, native of
Salamanca, of the order of St. Domingo ; he was
prior of his convent, and preacher to the king, and
archbishop of Charcas in 1616.

14. Don Fernando Arias de Ugarte, native of
Santa Fe of Bogota, of whom we have treated in
the catalogue of the bishops of Quito ; he passed
over from the archbishopric of Santa Fe to this in

15. Don Francisco de Sotomayor.

16. Don FVr/y Francisco de Borja, of the order
of San Benito, master in the university of Sala-
manca, and professor of theology ; elected bishop
of Charcas in 1634.

17. Don Fru7/ Pedro de Oviedo, of the order of
San Benito, native of Madrid ; he studied arts and
theoloijy in Alcala, was abbot of the monastery of
S. Cloclio, and difinidor of his order ; he was pro-
moted from the bishopric of Quito to this arch-
bishopric in 1645 : he died in 1649.

18. Don Juan Alonso de Ocon, native of La
Roja, collegiate-major of San Ildefonso in Alcala,
doctor and professor of theology, curate of Ele-
chosa in the archbishopric of Toledo, and of the
parish of Santa Cruz of Madrid ; he was promoted
from the church of Cuzco to this of La Plata.

19. Don Fray Gaspar de Villaroel, of the order
of St. Augustin, native of Riobamba ; he studied
in the royal university of Lima, and with the re-
putation of being very learned, of which, indeed,
his works bear testimony ; he was promoted from
the church of Arequipa to this in 1658.

20. Don Bernardo de Izaguirre, native of To-
ledo ; he was fiscal of the inquisition of Carta-
gena and of Lima, and was promoted from the
church of Cuzco to this metropolitan see.

21. Don Fray Alonso de la Cerda, of the order
of preachers, native of Lima, provincial of his
order, bishop of Honduras ; from whence he was
promoted to this church.

22. Don Melchor de Lilian and Cisneros, native
of Tordelaguna, of Avhom we speak in the cata-
logue of the bishops of Santa Marta ; he was re-
moved from the bishopric of Popayan in 1672,
governed until 1678, when he was promoted to
the metropolitan see of Lima.

23. Don Bartolome Gonzalez de Poveda, who
became archbishop, and governed until 1692.

24. Don Fray Diego Morcillo Rubio de Aunon,
of the bishopric of La Paz in 1711, where he re-
mained until 1724, when he was promoted to the
archbishopric of Lima.

25. Don Francisco Luis Romero, promoted from
the archbishopric of Quito ; he governed until

26. Don Alonso del Pozo and Silva, of the
bishopric of Santiago of Chile.

27. Don Agustin Delgado, in 1743 ; governed
until 1746.

28. Don Salvador Bermudez, from the aforesaid
year ; governed until 1747.

29. Don Gregorio de Molleda y Clerque, of the
bishopric of Truxillo, in 1748 ; he governed until
1758, when he died.

30. Don Cayetano Marcellano y Agramont, of
the bishopric of Buenos Ayres, in 1758 ; he go-
verned until 1761, when he died.

31. Don Pedro de Argandoua, promoted in the
above year ; he governed until 1776, when he

32. Don Francisco Ramon de Herboso, who
governed from 1776 to 1784.

33. Don Arqy Joseph Antonio de San Alberto,
who governed in 178.5.

CHUQUISONGO, San Pedro de, a settlement

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