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[ing valiantly in a battle against the Araucanos, and

2. Don Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza, son of the
Marquis de Cahete, who was viceroy in Peru ;
immediately that he received new's of the death of
Valdivia, lie nominated him as his successor, and
he returned to Peru as soon as he had seen him
confirmed in the government, and his title sanc-
tioned by the king.

3. Francisco de Villagra, a noble captain, who,
in pursuing his conquests, was also killed by the
Indians in battle ; provisionally succeeded by his
uncle, until a governor w'as appointed by the king.

4. The Adelantado Rodrigo de Quiroga, who
governed peaceably until his death, leaving the
government to the charge of his father-in-law.

5. The Brigadier Martin Ruiz de Gamboa, until
he was nominated by tlie king.

G. The Doctor Melchor Bravo de Saravia, with
the title of first president, until his death.

7. Don Alonso de Sotomayor, Marquis deVilla-
hermosa, appointed in the year 1584 : having ma-
nifested his valour, talent, and address, in the go-
vernment, which he held with much credit, and
with great advantage, against the Indians, until
the year 1592, when arrived,

8. Don Martin Garcia Onez y Loyola, knight
of the order of Calatrava ; w'as killed by the In-
dians succouring the fortof Puren, which was be-
sieged in the year 1599.

9. The Licentiate Pedro de Vizcarra, who ex-
ercised the employ of lieutenant-general of the
kingdom ; he was appointed to it when the
former was killed, until the viceroyalty of Peru
was given to,

10. The Captain Francisco de Quinones, who
employed himself in restraining the Araucanos
from their rebellion, until his death ; afterwards
was nominated for the viceroyalty of Peru.

11. Captain Alonzo Garcia Remon, an officer
of much credit, and skilled in the country and the
war with the Indians ; being colonel of foot of
Don Alonzo Sotomayor, began to govern, ap-
pointed by the viceroy of Lima, until arrived,
sanctioned and duly elected by the king,

12. Don Alonso de la Rivera, Avho was serving
in Flanders, and was sent to Chile, where, having
married contrary to the prohibition of his Majesty,
he was deprived of his office, and in his place was

13. The aforesaid Don Alonso Garcia Remon,
whose speedy death did not suffer him long to
reign, and he was succeeded by,

14. The Doctor Don Luis Merlo de la Fuente,
chief auditor of the royal audience, who, through


the death of his antecessor, governed also but a
short time before the arrival of,

15. Don Juan de Xaraquemada, native of (ka-
naria, who was in Lima covered with honours ac-
quired in the Avar of Chile, when he was nomi-
nated governor by the viceroy of Peru, Marquis
de Montes Claros.

16. Don Alonso de la Rivera again, being at
that time governor of Tucuman ; he Avas sepa-
rated from this government, and Avas sent by the
king, at the instance of the missionaries, to re-
duce that kingdom by the experience he possessed,
and gave proofs of his great ability in peace and
Avar until his death.

17. The Licentiate Fernando Talaverano, most
ancient oidor of the audience, Avas charged wath
the government through this quality, and by the
particular recommendation of his antecessor, un-
til the viceroy of Peru, Prince of Esquilache, re-
gularly appointed,

18. Don Lope de Ulloa, ayIio, in the exercise of
this office, Avas confirmed in it by his Majesty un-
til his death, when the government was taken

up by,

19. Don ChristoA'al de la Cerda Sotomayor, na-
tive of Mexico, chief auditor of the real audencia,
whom, notAvithstanding his excellent qualities, and
the celebrity of his government, the viceroy of
Peru soon set aside, in favour of,

20. Don Pedro Sorez de Ulloa y Lemos, knight
of the order of Alcantara, Avho in a short time
Avas confirmed in the government by the king, ex-
ercising it until his death, and leaving it to the
care of his brother-in-laAV,

21. Don Francisco de Alva y Noruena, Avho
held it a short time, from the viceroy Jiaving, ac-
cording to custom, nominated a successor; and
this Avas,

22. Don Luis Fernandez de Cordoba y Arce,
Senor del Carpio, Veinte y Quatro de Cordoba,
who, although he was not confirmed by the king,
maintained it some years, in consideration of the
judgment and skill he manifested, until, in the
year 1633, he Avas supplanted by,

23. Don Francisco Laso de la Vega, knight of
the order of Santiago, a man of high endowments
and splendid fortunes in the Avar of the Indians ;
he finished his reign, delivering it to his suc-

24. Don Francisco de Zuniga, Marquis de Bay-
des. Count del Pedroso, entered into the posses-
sion of the government in the year 1640 ; it Avas
he who established and secured the peace Avith the
Indians by means of the missionaries of the so-
ciety of the Jesuits ; with which glory he

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