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lar way by a river of its name. It abounds in
large alligators and mosquitoes, which render its
navigation very troublesome. Its shores are co-
vered with beautiful trees, which are inhabited by
a variety of birds and apes of several species, which
make an incredible chattering and noise. It was
by this river that the pirate John Morgan came
when he took and sacked Panama in 1670. It
was discovered by Hernando de la Serma in 1527,
when he called it the river of Lagartos, but its
mouth was before discovered by Lope de Olano
in 1510. Here are found, at certain seasons, a
very small fish of the size of a pin, called titles,
and these are so abundant, that putting into the
water a large basket, it is certain to be drawn out
full ; they are fried, and make very savoury

CHAGRE, with the dedicatory title of San Lo-
renzo, a settlement of the same province and king-
dom ; situate upon the top of a mountain at the
entrance or mouth of the former river. It has for
its defence a strong castle, which was built by the
order of Philip 11. by the famous engineer J uan
Bautista Antoneli. This was taken by the pirate
John Morgan, after having made a glorious de-
fence, in 1668, when the settlement was burnt and
sacked ; and in 1740 it was taken by the English,
commanded by Admiral Vernon, who entirely
destroyed it ; its loss in that war being supplied by
two strong batteries, which hindered the English
from making a breach, for the third time, when
they came with three frigates of war : but they
were driven back by Captain Don Juan de Her-
mida, who was formerly captain of the regiment
of Granada. In 1752 this castle was rebuilt, in the
most perfect manner, by the lieutenant-general
and engineer Don Ignatio de Sala, governor of
Cartagena, who came hither for this purpose by
order of the king. In this fortress several per-
sonages of distinction' have been held prisoners,
ami amongst others the Marquis of La Mina,
])resiilent, governor, and captain-general of the
kingiUmi in 1694. Is 13 leagues from Porto-

CHAGUANES, an island of the river Orinoco,
formed at its entrance into the sea by various
canals or arms, is large and inhabited by Indians
of the Mariussa nation.

CHAGUARAMA, a settlement of the province
and government of Venezuela, situate on the con-
fines of the province of Cumana, near the river

CHAGUARAMA, a bay on the coast of the pro-
vince of Cumaná, on the n. e. side ; being formed
by the island of Trinidad, and by the mouths of

the channels of the Orinoco as far as the gulf

CHAGUAREM, a small river of the province
and government of Venezuela, which runs s. and
enters that of Los Aceytes.

CHAHUALTEPEQUE, Santiago de, a set-
tlement of the district and alcaldía mayor of Mex-
in Nueva España. It contains 138
families of Indians, and is three leagues from its

CHAHUANTLA, a small settlement or ward
of the alcaldía mayor of Guauchinango in Nueva
España ; annexed to the curacy of Naupan.

CHAIALA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Chayanta or Charcas in Peru ;
annexed to the curacy of Pocoata.

CHAILLON, Cabo de, a cape on the e. coast
of lake Superior, in New France.

CHAINAR, a settlement of the province and
government of Tucumán ; situate on the shore of
the river San Miguel.

CHAIPI, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Parinacochas in Peru, annexed to
the curacy of the corregimiento of Pullo ; in which
was venerated, ever since the time of the conquest,
a beautiful image of the Virgen del Rosario, which,
with the temple, was burnt a few years since, and
the parishioners being much afflicted at their loss,
the Marquis of Selva Alegre, president of Quito,
sent them another equal to the first : at the cele-
bration of the festival people assemble from all the
neighbouring districts.

CHAIUIN, a river of the province and govern-
ment of Valdivia in the kingdom of Chile, which
runs s. e. and enters Valdivia near its entrance into
the sea.

CHALA, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Cumaná in Peru.

Chala, with the distinction of Alta, another
settlement of the province and corregimiento of
Saña in the same kingdom , situate on the shore of
the river Chicama.

CHALA, another, with the addition of Baxa,
in the same kingdom and province; situate near
the former.

CHALA, a large and beautiful valley on the sea
shore, in the province and corregimiento of Cu-

CHALA, a small port, frequented only by fisher-
men, in the same province and corregimiento.

CHALACOS, a settlement and asiento of the
silver mines of the province and corregimiento of
Piura in Peru ; annexed to the curacy of Huan-

==CHALALA, a large river of the Nuevo Reyno

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