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CHACARMARCA, a settlement of the pro-
vince and corregimiento of Vilcas Huaman in

CHACARO, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Cotabambas in Peru; annexed to
the curacy of Tanibobamba.

CHACAS, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Conchucos in Peru.

CHACAYACU, a river of the province of
Quixos in the kingdom of Quito. It runs from
e. to w. then turns its course to s. w. and shortly
after, passing tlirough the settlement of Loreto,
enters the river Suno on its w. shore.

CHACCUMAS, a settlement of South Caro-
, situate on the shore of a small river. The
English have a fort and establishment in it.

CHACHAGUI. See Tambo Pintado.

CHACHAPOIAS, a province and corregimiento
of Peru ; bounded e. and s. by the mountains of
the infidel Indians, n. w. by the provinces of
Luya and Chillaos, and w. by C.axaraarca. Its
greatest length is 38 leagues from n. w. to s. e. and
its breadth is nearly as great. Its temperatuse is
for the most part mild, though in some places ex-
ceedingly hot, and in others equally cold, since a
branch of the cordillera intersects it. Upon this
account also it abounds greatly in all productions,
such as wheat, maize, and other seeds, and in all
kinds of herbs and fruits. It produces a good pro-
portion of sugar ; but the principal sources of its
commerce are cotton and tobacco ; these produc-
tions belonging peculiarly to the district of Mayo-
bamba, three leagues distant to the s. e. and being
held in great estimation. The women spin cot-
ton, of which they manufacture canvass for the
sails of ships, also for bags : they spin likewise
another sort of delicate thread, of which they
make linen for garments ; the men employing
tliemselves in the looms and in the cultivation of
cotton and tobacco : of this they used to gather
yearly 600 measures, consisting of 200 mazos or
rollos each, each mazo being valued at one real.
At present less is cultivated, from the prohibition
of commerce, so that the settlement has become
much poorer, and the price of the cotton for mak-
ing sails is now at two reals per lb. ; thougli that
which is very fine, at a dollar. As there is no cur-
rent coin, the inhabitants make barters in kind for
the necessaries they want. Thus also they pay liieir
tributes, duties, and taxes ; and the treaties amongst
them for canvass and linen cloths are consequently
very large, the prices being regulated amongst
themselves. They cultivate coca, and with this
they supply some of the neighbouring provinces.


They breed cattle of every sort, horses, sheep, and
cows ; of whose hides, when tanned and dried by
the fire, they manufacture trunks, saddles, chests,
&c. It has but a tew mines, and of these, one
only is gold, and a few of salt are worked. It is
watered by several rivers ; but the principal are
the Moyobamba and the Uccubaraba. Its inha-
bitants amount to 10,000, and are divided into 43
settlements. Its reparti mi etHo amounted to 32,000
dollars ; and it paid nearly 256 for alcavala,

San Juan de la Fron- Nixaque,
tera, Corobamba,

Santa Ana, Pomacocha,

San Lazaro, Quispis,

El Santo Christo de Bur- Santo Tomas,



San Christoval de las Junvilla,

Balzas, Tiata,

Chuquibamba, Mitmas,

San Pedro de Utac, Yambrasbamba,

Santo Tomas de Guillai, Chirta,

San lldefonso, Yapa,

Tingo, Chiliquin,

Ponaya, Goncha,

La Magdalena, San Miguel de los 01-

Taupa, leros,

Yurraanca, Diosan,

Quinjalca, Yambajaica,

Coellcho, Tauli,

Vilaga, Casmal,

Moyobamba, city, Palanca,

Y rinari, Thoe,

Yantala, Huambo.


Chachapoias, a river of the above province,
which runs «. w. and enters the Marafion.

CHACAS, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Condesuyos of Arequipa in

CHACHICHILCO, a settlement of the head
settlement of Aytitlan, and alcaldia mayor of
Amola, in Nueva España. It has very few inha-
bitants, and lies 11 leagues to the w. of its head

CHACHOPO, a small settlement of the go-
vernment and jurisdiction of Maracaibo, is of a
mild temperature, and produces wheat, maize,
papas, and fruits peculiar to the climate.

CHACHUAPA, a settlement and head settle-
ment of the district of the alcaldia mayor of
Nochiztlan in Nueva Espana. It contains 78
families ot Indians, and is one league n. sy. of its

CHACILATACANA, San Francisco del

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