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ters the sea between the river Rosa and the settle-
ment and parisli of Cul de Sac.

CERICUNCUA, a bay of the coast of Brazil,
in the province and captainship of Seara, between
the port of Tortuga and the settlement of Nuestra
Seilora del Rosario.

CERINZA, a settlement of the corregimiento of
Tunja in tlie Nuevo Reyno de Granada, is of a
cold temperature, and abounds in cattle and the
productions peculiar to the climate. It contains
300 families, and lies in a valley, from which it
takes its name.

CERMEN, a settlement of the province and
government of Venezuela ; situate on the side of
the town of San Felipe, towards the e. between
this town and the settlement of Agua Culebras, on
the shore of the river Iraqui.

CERRALUO, a town and presidency of the
Nuevo Reyno de Leon, garrisoned by a squadron
of 12 soldiers and a captain, who is governor of
this district, for the'purpose of restraining the bor-
dering infidel Indians. Between the e. and n. is
the large river of this name ; and from this begins a
tract of extensive country, inhabited by barba-
rous nations, who impede the communication and
commerce Avith regard to this part and the pro-
vinces of Tejas and Nuevas Felipinas. Is 35
leagues to the e. of its capital.

Cerraluo, a bay of the coast and gulf of Ca-
, or Mar Roxo de Cortes, opposite an island
which is also thus called ; the one and theother hav-
ing been named out of compliment to the Marquis of
Cerraluo, viceroy of Nueva Espana. TJie afore-
said island is large, and lies between the former
bay and the coast of Nueva Espana.

CERRITO, a settlement of the island and go-
vernment of Trinidad, near the n. coast, and to the
e. of the capital of San Joseph de Oruna.

Cerrito Verde, an open and insecure port in
the bay of La Concepcion, of the kingdom of
Chile, and Pacific sea.

Cerrito, another, with the surname of Santa
Ana. See Ctuayaquie.

CERRITOS, a small settlement of the jurisdic-
tion of Orizava, and alcaldia mayor of Ixmiquil-
pan, in Nueva España.

Cerritos, another settlement in the province
and goverment of Popayán.

CERRO, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Angaraes in Peru.

Cerro, another, in the province and corregi-
miento of Porco in the same kingdom.

Cerro, another, with the surname of Negro,
in the province and corregimiento of Rede, and king-
dom of Chile ; situate at the source of the river Itan.

==Cerro, another, called San Miguel de Cerro
==, which is a garrison of the province of Te-
in the kingdom of Nueva Vizcaya. Its
situation is similar to the road which leads to it,
namely, a plain level surface ; although, indeed,
it is divided by a declivity, in ivhich there is a
pool of water, and by Avhich passengers usually
pass. This garrison is the residence of a captain,
a Serjeant , and 28 soldiers, who are appointed to
suppress the sallies of the infidel Indians. In its
vicinity is a cultivated estate, having a beautiful
orchard, abounding in fruit-trees and in zepas,
which also produce fruit of a delicious flavour.
The garrison lies 50 leagues n. w. of the capital

Cerros, San Felipe de los, a settlement of
the head settlement of Uruapa, and alcaldia mayor
of Valladolid, in the province and bishopric of
Mcchoacan. It contains 26 families of Indians,
and lies eight leagues to the e. of its head settle-
ment, and 10 from the capital.

Cerros, another, in the province and corregr-
miento of Castro-Vireyna in Peru.

CESARA, a large and copious river of the
Nuevo Reyno de Granada, which was called by
the Indians Pompatao, meaning in their idiom,
“ the lord of all rivers,” is formed of several
small rivers, which flow down from the snowy
sierras of Santa Marta. It runs s. leaving the ex-
tensive llamtras of Upar until it reaches the lake
Zapatosa, from whence itj issues, divided into four
arms, which afterwards unite, and so, following a
course of 70 leagues to the w, enters the Magda-
lena on the <?. side, and to the s. of the little settle-
ment called Banco.

CESARES, a barbarous nation of Indians of
the kingdom of Chile towards the s. Of them
are told many fabulous accounts, although they
are, in fact, but little known. Some believe them
to be formed of Spaniards and Indians, being those
Avho Avere lost in the straits of Magellan, and be-
longed to the armada which, at the beginning of
the conquest of America, Avas sent by the bishop of
Placencia to discover the Malucas. Others pre-
tend that the Arucanos, after they had destroyed
the city of Osonio, in 1599, took aAvay with them
the Spanish Avomen ; and that it Avas from the pro-
duction of these Avomen and the Indiatis that this
nation of the Cesares arose. Certain it is, that they
are of an agreeable colour, of a pleasing aspect,
and of good dispositions. They have some light
of Christianity, live without any fixed abode ; and
some have affirmed that they have heard the sound
of bells in their territorj". It Avas attempted in
1638, by the governor of Tucuman, Don Geronimo

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