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(Catherine’s Isle, a pleasant island on the
harbour of Sunburj, in the state of Georgia.)

(Cathehine’s Isle, a small productive island
on the s. coast of St. Domingo, 20 leagues e. of
the town of St. Domingo.)

(CATHERINE's Town, in Ontario county, New
York, lies three miles s. of the 5 . end of Seneca

Catilina, a bay of tlie e. coast of the island of
Newfoundland, between the capes Santos and

(CATO, a military township in New York state,
12 miles s. e. of lake Ontario, and about 20 s. of
Oswego fort.)

CATOA, a river of the province and country of
Las Amazonas. It rises in tlie mountains of the
Andes, runs n. and enters the Marailon on the s.
side, between the rivers Coari and Coyame.

(==CATORCE, or La Purissima Concepcion
De Alamos de Catorce
==, one of the richest mines
of New Spain, and in the intendancy of San Luis
Potosi. The real de Catorce, however, has only
been in existence since 1773, when Don Sebastian
Coronado and Don Bernarbe Antonio de Zepeda
discovered these celebrated seams, which yield an-
nually the value of more than from 18 to ^20 mil-
lions of francs, or from 730,460/. to 833,500/.

(CATTAHUNK, one of the Elizabeth isles, in
the state of Massachusetts. See Buzzard’s

CATUARO, a settlement of the province and go-
vernment of Cumaná in the kingdom of Tierra
Firme ; situate near to and s. of the city of Ca-

CAUACUAN, a river of the province and cap-
tainship of Rey in Brazil. It runs e. and enters
the Uruguay, between the rivers Ipau and Pi-

CAUAIAMA, a small river of the province and
government of Buenos Ayres. It runs e. and en-
ters the Uruguay, between the rivers Guarey and

CAUAILLON, a settlement and parish of the
French, in their possessions in St. Domingo ; situ-
ate on the coast and at the w. head, near the bay
of its name, between the settlements of Torbec and
Los Cayos.

CAUAIU, a small river of the same province
and government as the former. It runs w. and
enters the Parana, between the rivers Verde and

Cauaiu, a bay of the same island, opposite the
Isla Vaca or Cow island.

CAUALA, a settlement of the province and cap-
iainship of Espiritu Santo in Brazil ; situate > 1 . of

CAU-ALLERIZAS, a settlement of the pro-
vince and government of Yaguarsongo in the king-
dom of Quito.

CAUANA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Conchucos in Peru.

CAUASAN, San Francisco Xavier de, a
town of the province of Copala, and kingdom of
Nueva Vizcaya ; situate in the midst of the sierra
of Topia, on the coast of the S. sea, on the shore
of the river Plastin. It has a small port for lesser
vessels, which has oftentimes been invaded by
enemies. It is a curacy administered by the cler-
gy, and to which two small settlements of Mexicaa
Indians are annexed.

CAUCA, a large and copious river of the pro-
vince and government of Popayán, which rises
in the mountains of the government of Mariquita,
and running 160 leagues from s. to?i. in which
course it collects the ’waters of many other rivers,
it passes near the cities of Popaj'iin, Buga, Cali,
and Anserma ; from whence it is navigable until it
enters the large river of the Magdalena. It is very
narrow where it passes through the cities of Po-
payan and Antioquia, and forms the letter S, tak-
ing its course through rocks, which render its na-
vigation very dangerous. The Indians, however,
are so dexterous in guarding their canoes from
running against the rocks by paddles, that it is
very seldom indeed that any accident occurs to
them. They call this strait Las Mamas de Cara-
manta, from a city which was here of this name.
Many make this navigation for the purpose of
avoiding a round-about journey of many days, and
in a bad road through the mountains ; and it is
said that some have had the good fortune to dis-
cover a route by water free from all difficulties,
and that this was actually made by the pontificate
of the bishop of Popayan, Don Diego de Mon-

Cauca, a small river of the province and go-
vernment of Venezuela. It runs n. and enters
the sea at the mouth of the Golfete or Little

CAUCAQUA, a settlement of the province and
government of Venezuela ; situate near the river
Tuy, opposite the cape of Codera.

CAUCHUPIL, a river of the kingdom of Chile;
it runs to the s. s. e. and then turning s. enters the

CAUIAN, a settlement of the province and
captainship of Para in Brazil ; situate on the

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