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also De Piedras ; at its top is, according to the ac-
count of Don J nan de la Cruz, the Bugio del
Gato, which serves as a watch-tower, which others
maintain is situate upon the point Canoa, just by
its side.

CARUMAS, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Mosquehua in Peru.

CARUPANO, a settlement of the province and
government of Cumaná in the kingdom of Tierra
Firme, on the sea-shore, at the cape of Tres Pun-
tas i there are in its district 25 small estates of
cacao, 35 of sugar-cane, a few of yucas and other
fruits ; some of them belonging to its inhabitants,
and others to tlie inhabitants of Margareta and

CARUPARABAS, a nation of Indians but little
known, who inhabit the woods and shores of the
rivers which run into the Negro.

(CARVEL OF St. Thomas, a rock between the
Virgin isles e. and Porto Rico on the w. at a small
distance it appears like a sail, as it is white and
lias two points. Between it and St. Thomas, passes
Sir Francis Drake’s channel.)

(CARVEL, a township in Plymouth county,
Massachussetts. Here is a pond with such plenty
of iron ore, that 500 tons have been dragged out of
the clear water in a year. They have a furnace
upon a stream which runs from the pond ; and the
iron made of this ore is better than that made out
of bog ore, and some is almost as good as refined

(Carver’s River, a branch of St. Peter’s river,
which empties into the Mississippi. See St. Pierre
or Peter’s River.)

CASA, a settlement of the island of Joanes or
, on the coast of Brazil, near the mouth of
the great arm of the river Amazonas, on the e. coast.

CASABAMBA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Andahuailas in Peru; annexed
to the curacy of Chincheros.

CASABLANCA, San Gabriel de, a settle-
ment of the head settlement of Teutitlan, and
alcaldia mayor of Cuicatlan, in Nueva Espana:
it contains 34 families of Indians, who live by the
commerce of salt from some saMnes which they have
in their district, at about a league’s distance from
this settlement ; here are also some crops of maize :
it is of a hot temperature, and lies two leagues from
its head settlement.

Casablanca, also with the dedicatory title of
Santa Barbara, a town of the province and cor-
regimiento of Quillota in the kingdom of Chile,
situate on the coast : it formerly belonged to the
jurisdiction of Valparaiso, from which it was se-

CASACACHA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Paria in Peru; annexed to the curacy
of Condocondo.

(CASACORES, a lake in Paraguay or La Plata
in S. America, about 100 miles long.)

CASA-GRANDE, a town of the province and
government of Sonora in Nueva Espana ; situate in
the country of the Apaches Indians, on the shore of
the large river of Gila.

CASAGULA, a snowy mountain or páramo of
the province and corregimiento of Amboto in the
kingdom of Quito.

CASANARE, a large river of the province and
government of San Juan de los Llanos in the Nuevo
Reyno de Granada ; on the shores of which are
various settlements of the missions, which under
this name were held at the expence of the regulars
of the society of Jesuits, and which are at present
under the care of the monks of St. Domingo : it
rises in the paramos or mountain-deserts of Chita,
of the district of the city of Pamplona, and after
running many leagues, divides itself into two
branches : the one, named the Uruhi, enters the
Meta ; and the other, named the Sirapuco, enters
the Orinoco, first receiving those of Purare and
Tacoragua. To the w. of this river are the reduc-
ciones of the Pantos Indians, and to the n. those of
the Pautes ; to the e. and upon a plain, is the river
San Salvador, aftbrding an handy port for commu-
nication with the Meta and the Orinoco : it is after-
wards entered by the river Tame, which pours into
it in a large stream from the same sierras, and has
upon its banks the two numerous nations, the reduc-
ciones of the Giraras and Botoyes Indians.

Casanare, some very extensive llanuras or
plains which lie between the rivers Orinoco, Sina-
ruca, and Meta.

Casanare, a settlement of Indians, of the reduc-
ciones which were made by the regulars of the
society of Jesuits, in the same province and govern-
ment as the former river : it consists of the Achaguas
Indians, being situate on the shore of that river,
with a good and well-frequented port : it is fertile^
and abounds in maize, yucas, and above all in
cattle : its natives, who are very numerous, employ
themselves in making little trunks of cane neatly
painted of various colours, and mats and sieves^
which they call manares : here are also some white
inhabitants, and the reduccion is now under the care
of the religion of St. Domingo.

CASANAY, a settlement of the province and
government of Cumana in the kingdom of Tierra
Firme, situate near the coast and the city of Ca-

CASAPA, a settlement of the missions which

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