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in beautiful singing birds ; and in its rivers are
many sorts of fish of a fine flavour, particularly the
patah. It is not without mines of gold, and laba~
deros or washing places, but these are not worked,
save by a few day-labourers. In the church of the
monks of San Francisco is venerated an image of the
most Holy Mary, with the title of La Probezuy
painted on a piece of cotton-stuff, adorned with two
fine pieces of silver, the natives payitig great de-
votion to this superb work, from the wonderful
things that have been said to have been effected
through the prayers offered up to her of whom this
is the semblance. This city has been the native
place of,

Don Melchor de Salazar, governor of Choco,
and founder of the city Toro.

Of the Doctor Don Francisco Martinez Bueno,
presbyter and visitor of the bishopric of Popayan ;
a man of great literature.

Of the Doctor Don Manuel de Castro y Rada ; a
most exemplary curate.

Of the Father Joseph Vicuna, who, after having
been a celebrated Jesuit, became a monk in the
college of missions for propagating the faith in Po-
payan, and died whilst preaching to the Andaquies

Of the Father Estevan de Rivas, who, after hav-
ing filled the title of jurist with great credit, be-
came a Franciscan monk, and died an exemplary
penitent in his convent at Cartagena.

Of the Doctor Don Francisco Felipe del Campo,
professor de prima of canons in the university of
Santa Fe ; a celebrated orator.

Of the Doctor Don Geronirao de Rivas, trea-
surer and dignitary of the holy church of Popayan,
provisor and ecclesiastical governor of that bishop-

Of the Doctor Don Joseph de Renteria, assessor
of the viceroyalties of Santa Fe and Lima, honorary
oidor of the audience of Charcas : all of whom
have borne testimony to the clearness and acuteness
of their understandings and excellence of their dis-
positions. But for all the information on these
subjects, we have to thank Don Manuel del Cara-
po, the son of the last mentioned, who resides in
this court, and to whom the merits thus severally
applied, unitedly belong.

The arms of this city are three imperial crowns
with a sun, and its inhabitants amount to about 5000
or 6000 : 25 leagues n. e. of Popayan, in 4° 46'
n. lat.

Cartago, another capital city, of the province
of Costa Rica, in the kingdom of Guatemala,
situate 10 leagues from the coast of the N. sea, and
17 from that of the S. in each of which it has a
good port ; it was formerly rich and flourishing, on
account of its commerce w ith Panama, Cartagena,
Portobclo, and the Havanah ; but it is at the present
day reduced to a miserable village of very few in-
habitants, and without any commerce. It has, be-
sides the parish church, a convent of monks of St.
Francis, and is in 9° 42' s. lat.

Cartago, a river of the same province and go-
vernment as is the former city : it runs w. and en-
ters the S.sea, in the port of La Herradura.

Cartago, a bay in the province and govern-
ment of Honduras, inhabited by the infidel Mos-
quitos Indians.

CARTAMA, a river of the province and govern-
ment of Antioquia: it rises in the mountains of
Choco, traverses the valley to which it gives its
name, and running e. enters the Cauca.

CARTEL, a port of the coast of the province
and government of Florida, opposite the castle of
St. Augustin.

(CARTER, a new county in the state of Tennes-
, formed of a part of the county of Washing-

(CARTERET, a maritime county of New Bera
district, N. Carolina, on Core and Pamlico sounds.
It contains 3732 inhabitants, including 713 slaves.
Beaufort is the chief town.)

Carteret, a district and jurisdiction of S. Caro-
, on the sea-coast.

Carteret, a cape or extremity of the coast of
the same province, and one of those which form
Long bay. See Roman.

(CARTERSVILLE, a town in Powhatan
county, Virginia, on the s. side of James rivtr, 4f
miles above Richmond.)

CARUALLEDA, Nuestra Senora de, a
city of the province and government of Venezuela,
in the kingdom of Tierra Firme ; founded by
Francis Faxardo in 1568, and not in 1560, as ac-
cording to Coleti : it has a small but insecure port.
The town is also a miserable place, having suffered
much injury, a short time after its foundation, by
the violent disturbances caused in its neighbour-
hood by the Governor Don Luis de Roxas : 80
leagues e. of Coro.

CARUALLO, a settlement of the province and
captainship of Paraiba in Brazil, situate near the
sea-coast, and on the shore of the river Camara-

CARUGAMPU, a small river of the province
and government of Paraguay ; it runs and en-
ters the Parana between the rivers Capuy and

CARUJAL, PUNTA DE, a point on the coast of
the province and government of Cartagena, called

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