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ALACLATZALA, a branch of the head set-
tlement of the district of S. Luis, of the coast and
alcaldia mayor of TIapa in Nueva España. It
contains 125 Indian families, and is one league
from the settlement of Quanzoquitengo.

ALACRANES, some islands, or rather some
hidden rocks, of the N. sea, in the bay of Mexico,
opposite the coast of Yucatan. Those who navi-
gate these parts are accustomed to pass round be-
yond them for fear of venturing amongst them, al-
though there are some good cliannels among them,
and withgood soundings. They are for the most part
barren, producing nothing beyond a herb called
moron, -And deficient in fresh water ; neither do they
produce any animal except the mole, which is
found here in prodigious numbers. There are,
however, a quantity of birds, of three distinct sorts,
each forming a community of itself, and entirely
separated from the other two ; and it has been
observed, that if one party may have fixed upon
any place for building their nests, the others never
think of disturbing them, or driving them from it ;
but the noise these birds make is so great, that one
cannot pass near them without suffering consider-
ably from their united clamours.

[ALADAS, a parish situate about 14; leagues
s. e, of Corrientes, in Lat. 28° 15' 20" s. Long. 58°
SO' e».]

ALAHUIZTLAN, San Juan de, a branch
of the head settlement of the district of Escateopan,
and alcaldia mayor of Zaqualpa, in Nueva España.
It contains 270 Indian families.

ALAIN, a river of the province and govern-
ment of Mainas in the kingdom of Quito. It rises
in the country of the Locamas Indians, runs from
j. to n. and turning to the n. n. e. enters the Pucaré.

ALAMEDA, a settlement of the missions be-
longing to the religious of St. Francis in Nuevo

ALAMILLOS, a settlement of the province of
Taraumara and kingdom of Nueva Vizcaya ; one
of the missions which belonged to the religious of
St Francis. It is close to the town and real of
the mines of Santa Eulalia.

ALAMO, a settlement of the province and
government of the new kingdom of Leon, situ-
ate 15 leagues to the s. e. of the Point.

ALAMOS, Real de Los, Real de Los, a settlement and
real of the mines of the province of Sinaloa in
Nueva España. It is situate s. e. of the Sierra
Madre, and surrounded by rich silver mines,
which would produce abundantly but for want of
labourers. There are in its district five estates
that are fertile in maize, French beans, and sugar-
cane. The spiritual concerns of all these parts

are under the direction of a curate, whose jurisdic-
tion extends as far as the river Mayo, which flows
down from the sierra. It is 20 leagues distant
from the town of Tuerte, and between these lies
the valley of Maquipo. [Population 7900 souls]

Alamos, with the dedicatory title of S. Jorge,
a town of the province and captainship of Para in
Brazil, founded by Jorge del Alamo, who gave
it his name, in a place called La Vigia. It has a
magnificent parish church, with the title of Nuestra
Senora de Nazareth, with a large and good fort,
and well furnished with artillery. Also, at the dis-
tance of a league and an half from the settlement,
is a house of charity belonging to the religious
order of the Capuchins of La Piedad.

Alamos, another town of the province and go-
vernment of Sonora, in the line that divides the
confines of this jurisdiction and the province of
Ostimuri, between the rivers Hiaqui and La

Alamos (Sonora near Coro de Guachi), another settlement of the same pro-
vince and government as the former
, situate to
the s. of the garrison of Coro de Guachi.

Alamos, another of the missions belonging to
the abolished society of Jesuits, in the province
of Taraumara and kingdom of Nueva Vizcaya.
It is 27 leagues s. w. and a quarter of a league s.
of the real of the mines and town of S. Felipe de

Alamos, another settlement and real of the
silver mines of the province and government of

ALANGASI, a settlement of the kingdom of
Quito, in the district of the corregimiento of the
Cinco Leguas de la Capital. In its territory is a
fountain of hot medicinal waters.

Alangasi, a river of the above corregimiento,
and rising in the desert mountain of Sincholagua ;
over it there is a large bridge, composed of a single
arch, but so strong, that when, in 1660, a part
of the mountain fell upon it, and precipitated one
half of it into the stream, the other half still re-
mained firm and immoveable. This bridge is
built of mud and stone.

ALANIS, a settlement of the province and go-
vernment of Maracaibo, in the district of the city
of Merida, situate in the way whicE leads from
this city to the new kingdom of Grenada.

ALANGI, Santiago de, a city and head
settlement of the district of the province of Chi-
and government of Santiago de Veragua,
in the kingdom of Tierra Firme. It is small, but
abounding in fruits and cattle ; in which a regular
trade is carried on for supplying the city of Pa-
nama. This trade consists principally in pigs.

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