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mules, poultry, cheese, and salt meats. It has
likewise some mines in its district, which are not
altogetlier neglected, though the advantages de-
rived from them would be immensely increased, if
the number of labourers were greater. It is go-
verned by a lieutenant nominated by the governor
of Santiago de Veragua. [Lat. 8° 12' n. Long.
80“ 40' a;.l

ALAQUES, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Tacunga in the kingdom of

ALAQUINES, a branch of the head settle-
ment of the district of Tamazunchale, and alcaldia
mayor of Valles, in Nueva España, situate on the
shore of a large river which divides this jurisdic-
tion from that of Guadalcazar.

ALARA, a river of the province and govern-
ment of Antioquia in the new kingdom of Gra-
. It rises at the foot of the sierra of Gua-
moco, and s. of the town of this name; runs
and enters the Cauca.

[ALASKE, a long peninsula on the n. w. coast
of America, formed by Bristol bay and the ocean
on the n. w. and n. and by the ocean and the
waters of Cook’s river on the s. and s. e. At its
extremity are a number of islands, the chief of
which, in their order westward, are, Oonemak,
Oonala.sha, and Ocumnak, which form part of
the chain or cluster of islands called the Northern
Archipelago. Captain Cook, on his return in
1779, passed through the channel e. of Oonemak
island. See North-avest Coast of America.]

ALATAMALIA, a large river of the province
and government of Florida. It runs nearly due
e. and enters the sea opposite the Georgean isles.
[This river, Avliich is navigable, is more properly
of Georgia. It rises in the Cherokee mountains,
near the head of a western branch of Savannah
river, called Tugulo. In its descent through the
mountains it receives several auxiliary streams ;
thence it Avinds, with considerable rapidity,
through the hilly country 250 miles, from Avhcnce
it throAvs itself into the open flat country, by the
name of Oakmulgee. Thence, after meandering
for 150 miles, it is joined by the Oconee, which
likewise has its source in the mountains. After
this junction it assumes the name of Alatamalia,
Avhen it becomes a large majestic river ; and flow'-
ing Avith a gentle current through forests and
plains 100 miles, discharges itself into the Atlan-
tic by several mouths. The n. channel glides by
the heights of Darien, about 10 miles above the
bar, and after several turnings, enters the ocean
between Sapelo and Wolf islands. The s. chan-
nel, which is esteemed the largest and deepest.

after its separation from the >?. descends gently,,
taking its course between MDntosh and Brough-
ton islands, and at last by the w. coast of St.
Simon’s sound, betAveen the s. end of the island
of that name, and the n. end of Jeky! island.
At its confluence with the Atlantic it is 500 yards

ALAUSI, a province and small corregimiento
or district of the kingdom of Quito ; bounded «. by
the province of Riobamba, n. w. by Chimbo, s.
by Cuenca, w. by the district of Yaguache, and
e. by that of Macas. It is Avatered by the rivers
Uzogoche, Gussuntos, Pinancay, Alausi, and
others of less note. It abounds in mountains, the
most lofty of Avhich are tOAvard the©.; the country
is pleasant, and yields liberally every kijid of
fruit and grain that are common either to America
or Europe. It contains many sugar mills, and
the sugar is the best intlie kingdom. The air here
is mild and healthy, and the climate cannot be said
to be inconveniently hot. It is governed by the
corregidor, who resides in the capital.

Alausi, the capital of the above province. It
has in its district some mineral fountains of hot
water, established with suitable conveniences by
some families of consideration residing there. Its
trade consists in cloths, baizes, and cotton gar-
ments, Avhich are wrought in its manufactories.
It has a very good parish church, and a convent
of the order of St. Francis. [Lat. 2“ 12' «.
Long. 78° 39' ©.]

[ALBANS, St. a township in Franklin county,
Vermont, on lake Champlain, opposite N. Hero
island, Avith 256 inhabitants.]

ALBANIA, or Albany, a county of the pro-
vince and colony of New York. It contains a
certain number of plains fertile in grain, in AA'hich,
and in planks of pine, its principal commerce con-
sists. The Avinter is extremely cold, and the river
Hudson is generally frozen for 100 miles, so a*
to bear immense burthens. The gveat cpiautity
of snow that falls at this season is useful, not only
because it covers the grain, and keeps it from pe
rishing by the frost, but because, when it melts, it
so increases the waters of the river, as to facilitate
thereby the transportation of the productions of
the country.

[Albany County Lies Between Ulster And
Saratoga ; Its Extent 46 Miles By 28|ALBANY County lies between Ulster and
Saratoga ; its extent 46 miles by 28. By the
state census, .fan. 20, 1796, the number of elec-
tors in this county were 6087, and the number of
towns 11.]

Albania, or Albany, the capital of the
above county
, founded by the Dutch in 1608,
together with tiiat of Orange, on the sliorc of the
E 2

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