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from which they are enabled to make sugar. It is
intersected by three rivers, which are of no use
whatever to it, being too low in their beds ; but they
unite and form the Pachachaca, which enters the
province of Abancay, and has more than 40 bridges
of wood and cord thrown over it in different parts.
There are innumerable veins of gold and silver ore
in this province, which are not worked, from the
want of energy, and from the poverty existing
among the inhabitants ; and thus only some tri-
fling emoluraeul is now and then derived from one
or the other. It was otherwise in former times,
but these mines are now almost all filled with water.
Some mines of quicksilver have been discovered,
but the working of them has been forbid. Here
is little of the cattle kind, and no cloth manufac-
tures peculiar to the country arc made here, with
the exception of a sort of thick quilt, which they
call Chuces ; and a kind of grain is gathered here,
known by the name of Maino. This province was
united to the empire of Peru by Capac Yupan-
qui V. Emperor of the Incas. The language of the
natives is the same as that which is most universal
throughout the kingdom. The capital formerly
consisted of a large and w ell ordered settlement,
which was called Tintay, but which is at present
but thinly inhabited, on account of the scarcity of
water, and from a plague, in which almost all its
inhabitants perished. The number of souls in the
whole of the province may amount to 15,000. It
eontains 50 settlements within its jurisdiction. The
yearly tribute received by the corregidor used to
amount to 800,100 dollars, and the duties paid
upon the alcavahif (a centage on goods sold), to
688 dollars.

The settlements of its jurisdiction are ;

Chaluanca. Ayahuasa.

Colca. Huancaray.

Mollebamba. Sabaino.

Carabaniba. Catarosi.

Matara. Antilla.

Antabamba. Huaquirca.

Oropesa. Pocoanca.

Totora. Tapairihua,

Traparo. ChalvauL

Chacoche. Caypi.

Caleauzo. Caracara.

Viru Sanaica.

Pampamarca. Huaillaripa.

Silco. Pichihua.

Atuncama. Amoca.

Chacna. Yanaca,

Capaya. Saraico.

Muitu. Subyunca.

Pachaconas. Lucre.








AIMAHAPA, a small river of the province and
colony of Surinam, in the part of Guayana pos-
sessed by the Dutch. It is one of those which en-
ter the Cuyum near where it joins the Esquivo.

AINACA, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Caxatambo in Peru, annexed to the
curacy of Cochamarca.

AINACOLCA, a gold mine of the province and
corregimiento of Arequipa in Peru. It is famous
for the excellent quality of this metal, but it is very
difficult to be worked, on account of the hardness
of its stone.

AIO, a settlement of the province and corregU
miento of Condensuyos de Arequipa in Peru, an-
nexed to the curacy of Chichas.

AIOAIO, a settlement of the province and cor-
regirniento of Sicasica in Peru, eight leagues from
its capital.

AIOCUESCO, Santa Maria de, the head
settlement of the district of the alcaldia mayor of
Antequera, in the province and bishopric of Me-
in Nueva España. It is of a hot tem-
perature, contains a convent of the religious order
of Santo Domingo, and 400 Indian families, who
carry on some commerce in the cochineal, (the
plant producing which they cultivate), and a very
considerable one in the manufacture of Pulgues^
on account of the abundance of Magueyes which
are found here. Seven leagues s. of its capital.

AIOTITLAN, the head settlement of the dis-
trict of the alcaldia mayor of Amola in Nueva
, immediately upon the coast of the S. sea,
and situate between two deep ravines. Its tem-
perature is very hot and troublesome to live in, on
account of the various venomous animals and in-
sects that abound in its territory. It contains 76
Indian families, whose trade consists in making
troughs and trays very finely painted. This set-
tlement, in which there is a convent of the order
of St. Francis, is beautifully surrounded with
plantations. Fifteen leagues distant from its capital.

AIONANTOU, a settlement of Indians of New
, situate in the county of Canahoque, on the
shore of one of the salt marshes that are found

AIOZINAPA, a settlement of the head settle-
ment of Olinala, and alcaldia mayor of Tlapa, in
Nueva España, of a hot and moist temperature,
?,ijd abounding in cochineal, fruit, and pulse, with

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