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vince of Orinoco, and part of the Saliva nation,
forming a separate district, and situate in the
plains of San Juan, of the new kingdom of Gra-
nada, near the river Sinaruco. It was destroyed
by the Caribee indians in 1684.

ADORATORIO, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Huarochiri in Peru, situate
w. of Larin.

ADSON’S Town lies near the n. e. line of New
, and s. e. of the Drowned Lands; 27 miles
n. of Morristown, and 24 n. w. of Patterson . ]

ADUANA, a settlement of the province and
government of Maracaibo, situate on the shore of
the lake of this name, on the e. side.

ADVANCE. See Forward.

AEIQUAIA, the head settlement of the alcaldia
mayor of Tonala in Nueva Espana.

AERIUCTUQUEN, a mountain of the pro-
vince and colony of Surinam, or part of Guayana,
in the Dutch possessions. It is the beginning of
the great sierra of Binocote, between the rivers
Cutini and Caroni.

AFFREUX, a lake of the province and colony
of Virginia, near the coast.

AFUERA, one of the islands of Juan Fer-
nandes, on the S. sea coast, in the kingdom of
Chile. About 400 leagues to the n. of Cape Horn.
This coast swarms with sea lions and wolves.
Lat. 33° 47' s. Long. 80° 41' w.

[Aga|AGA]], a mountain of the province and captain-
ship oi Rio Janeiro in Brazil. It is between the
rivers Irutiba and Tapoana, on the sea-coast.

AGACES, a nation of Indians, of the province
of Paraguay, on the shore of the river of this
name, towards the e. The people are numerous,
valiant, and of a lofty stature. In ancient times
they were masters of that river, cruising about in
it, and being the enemies of the Guaranies ; but
after several conflicts, they were at last subjected
by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, governor of the
province, in 1642.

AGALTECA, a river of the province and go-
vernment of Honduras, in the kingdom of Guate-

AGAMENTIGUS, a river of the province and
colony of New England, of York county, dis-
trict of Maine. It is indebted to the ocean for its
waters, through Pascataqua bay ; having no con-
siderable aid from streams of fresh water. Its
mouth is about four miles s. from Cape Neddie
river. Small vessels can enter here.]

AGAMENTIGUS, a mountain of consider-
able elevation in the district of Maine, distant
about six miles from Bald Head, and eight from
York harbour. Lat. 43° 12' n, and Long. 70°

AGO 15

43' w. from Greenwich. It is a nofed land-mark
for seamen, and is a good directory for the entry
of Pascataqua harbour, as it lies very nearly in
the same meridian with it and with Pigeon hill,
on Cape Ann. The mountain is covered witli
wood and shrubs, and affords pasture up to its
summit, where there is an enchanting prospect.
The cultivated parts of the country, especially on
the s. and s. w. appear as a beautiful garden, in-
tersected by the majestic river Pascataqua, its
bays and branches. The immense ranges of
mountains on the «. and n. w. afford a sublime
spectacle ; and on the sea side the various in-
dentings of the coast, from Cape Ann to Cape
Elizabeth, are plainly in view in a clear day ; and
the Atlantic stretches to the e. as far as the power
of vision extends. At this spot the bearing of the
following objects were taken, with a good sur-
veying instrument, October 11, 1780.

Summit of the White mountains, n. 15° w.

Cape Porpoise, n. 63° e.

Rochester hill, n. 64° w,

Tuckaway South peak, s. 80° w.

Frost’s hill, Kittery, s. 57° w.

Saddle of Bonabeag, w. 14° w.

Isle of Shoals Meeting-house, s. 6° r.

Varney’s hill, in Dover, distant 10| miles by
mensuration, «. 89° zo. Variation of the
needle, 6° te).]

AGAMUNTIC, or Amaguntic Pond, in
the district of Maine, sends its waters northward to
the Chaudiere, through the west branch of that

AGCHILLA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Pilaya and Paspaya in Peru.
It has in its district seven public chapels, within
four leagues distance.]

AGENAGATENINGA, a river of the pro-
vince and country of the Amazonas, in the Portu-
guese territory. It rises in the country of the
Anamaris Indians, runs n. and enters the abundant
stream of the Madera.

AGIQUA, a river of N. Carolina, which runs
n. w. and afterwards turning to the w. enters the

AGNALOS, a nation of infidel Indians, of the
Nuevo Reyno de Granada, inhabiting the moun-
tains w. of the river Apure.

AGNAPURAS, a chain of mountains, or a
cordillera of the kingdom of Peru, whicli run for
leagues from n. to s. without termination, and
separate the Taucas from the Chizuitos Indians.

AGOMISO, an island of Hudson’s bay, near
its w. coast; n. n. e. from Albany fort.] >

AGONICHE, a river of Nova Scotia, running

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transcription conventions: Many things have the same name. The *first* instance of the name should be linked with the name i.e. "Agamentigus"; the following instances should be linked with the name and a differentiator "Agamentigus(mountain)".


If an entry starts with a square bracket "[" delete it. (The transcription system gets confused with three square brackets in a row.)


transcription conventions: pond = lake


Transcription conventions: Just use the proper name, i.e. "Granada" not "Nuevo Reyno de Granada" or "Barbados" not "Island of Barbados"