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are the ruins or some well made benches in the
shape of couches, which have been much injured
by time, and were there before the corning of the
Spaniards. Lat. 13° 16' 30" s. Long. 74° 32'
30" w.

another settlement, of the same
name in the province and corregimiento of Jauja,
annexed to the curaey of Cochangara.

another settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Tarma.

ACOBIMBILLA, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Angaraes in Peru, annexed
to the curacy of Conaica.

ACOCHALA, a very lofty mountain of the
province and corregimienento of Lipes, in the arch-
bishopric of Charcas, where there are some very
fine silver mines, which are, however, little worked for want of hands.

ACOLA , a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Lucanas in Peru, annexed to the
curacy of its capital.

ACOLMAN, San Agustin de , a settlement
of the head settlement and alcaldia mayor of Tez-
coco, in Nueva Espana, situate in a pleasant
valley of a benign temperature. There are some
wards united to its district, and the number of
its inhabitants, including these wards, amounts to
240 Indian families, besides a convent of monks of
the order of St. Augustin.

ACOMA , a settlement of Nuevo Mexico, situ-
ate on the shore of a river which enters the Grande
of the N. between the settlements of San J uan and
La Laguna. [It is on a high mountain, with a
strong castle, and is the capital of the province.
[Lat, 35° 24' «. Long. 106° 10'

ACOMACK , a county of the province and
colony of Virginia, which preserves its Indian
name. It is the largest county of the province,
containing 200,925 acres of ground ; but not so
well peopled as the others, and has only one parish,
which is of the same name. Different rivers take
their rise here ; among the most noted is the Clif>-

ACOMAIO, a settlement of the province, and
corregimiento of Huanuco in Peru, annexed to
the curacy of Santa Maria del Valle, situate on
the confines of the infidel Panataguas Indians.

another settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Quispicanchi in Peru.

ACOMARCA, a settlement of the province and
corregimityito of Vilcas Huaman in Peru, arinexed
to the curacy of Vilcas.

ACOMES, a fall of the river Amariscoggin, in
the prov'ince of Continent, one of the four w hich
compose the colony of New England.

ACOMULCO, a settlement of the head settle-
ment and alcaldia mayor of Zochicoatlan in
Nueva Espana. It contains 12 Indian families,
and is two leasrues to the w. of its capital.

ACONCAGUA, a province and corregimiento
of the kingdom of Chile ; bounded n. by a part
of the province of Quillota, e, by the Cordillera,
s. by the valley of Colina, of the jurisdiction of
Santiago, w. by the province of Quillota. Its
territory is level and well watered. It is divided
into two parts by a large river of the same name,
having a bridge built of stone and mortar, w ith
two arches. It produces abundance of wheat and
much wild marjoram, which is carried to Peru,
and forms the principal branch of its commerce.
In this province is the royal road, lying through
the Cordillera in the way to Mendoza, which is
very rough and dangerous, on account of the
many slopes and steep declivities towards the river ;
the path is very narrow, and in various places it is
necessary to open a pass by means of a pick-axe ; so
that, if at any time the mules should crowd together,
they would push each other into the river, w hich has
not unfrequently been the case. The royal treasures
are carried by this road from the month of Novem-
ber to April and part of May. A few years since,
some small houses of brick and mortar have been
built on one or other side of the Cordillera, which
they call casuchas (miserable huts) ; in these they
put, in the winter time, some coal, biscuit, and
hung beef, so that the couriers, providing them-
selves with the keys of the doors at Mendoza, or, on
the other side, at the Guardia of Aconcagua, may
have something to live upon, incase they should
be stopt by a fall of snow on their journey ; and
with this precaution, a courier goes every month
to Santiago, carrying with him the mails brought
by the ships from Europe. In the winter it is
customary to walk on foot over the snow, from
Paramillo, which is three leagues from the top of
the Cordillera, and four from its descent to tlie
place which is called Los Ojos de Agua, through
the valley of Putaendo ; but towards the ??. there
is another way, which they call De Los Patos,
which is the road generally taken in going to the
city of San Juan ; but the Cordillera being more
lofty here, it is only passable in the months of
February and March. The inhabitants of this
province amount, on an average, to 8000 souls.
The capital' is San Felipe el Real. [Lat. 32° II'
s. Long. 70° 12' 30" w. j

ACONCAGUA, a large river which runs through
the above province, rising in the mountains of the
Cordillera, and running through it by the side of
the road which leads to Buenos Ayres : hrarcliing

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