H. V. Hilprecht to A. W. Terrell, January 1894

A letter from the curator of the Babylonian Section of the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania discussing "the Armenian question" and requesting Terrell's help in getting some antiquities the Museum had purchased through Turkish customs for shipment to Philadelphia.




for yourself and to speak a word to His Majesty that the order for the Custom House order be given at once. You will greatly oblige the Committee & myself through this kindness. In order not to hurt Hamdy, who did not want any interference from the Legation, I place myself on the position that they have sent the antiquities as they promised, and that you only thank him once more for this courtesy, as I am not in Constantinople myself, to do so.

The tablet I bought for you in Constant. goes to Mrs. Terrell to-morrow with a translation and exact description.

As soon as our boxes are here, I will send the formal application to our Board, to send some ^antiquities to Texas University for your courtesy. Please write me the exact address of that University.

With Mrs Hilprecht's best wishes for yourself and Madam, and with our compliments to Mr & Mrs Short, Dr Long and other American friends

I am always with gratitude

yours sincerely

H. V. Hilprecht

My book for His Majesty and the copy for yourself will have reached you, I trust, by this time. Possibly the copy for His Majesty will arrive a little later owing to the especial binding needed.

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