De orbe novo, Petrus Martyr d'Anghiera

A selection from the third chapter of the Fifth Decade from 1530 printing of De orbe novo, for use by high-school Latin students in conjunction with a project of the PT2050 Past Societies research group.

Frank Calvert to Alexander Terrell

A sample transcribed letter from Frank Calvert to Alexander Terrell.

Heinrich Schliemann's Sandbox

Start Transcribing

A sandbox collection with a few pages from Heinrich Schliemann's field diary from 1874-1876, downloaded from the website of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens ( Feel free to attempt transcription in...

Terrell practice letters

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Selected letters for practicing transcription with A. W. Terrell's handwriting.

Terrell, Calvert and Troy (UGS 302): Past student transcriptions

This set contains documents that have been transcribed by students in previous iterations of my UGS 302 course "Tales of the Trojan War", and then carefully edited by me. These transcriptions can be considered complete, although not all entities may have been indexed.