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and how constantly Armenian agents are busy to
create disorder at home and to print exciting pamphlets
abroad. I always regarded it an impudence of the
worst kind that the so called Young Turkey party --
certainly nothing but Armenians or principally so -- dared to
send to me and to the other prominent foreigners in Constantinople
(during summer 1893) by the misuse of the English mail
their scandalous pamphlet against the present Sultan, which
contained so many lies -- for I was able to control part of them --
but doubtless had their result.
Your position is a difficult one, as our good American people
know too little about the truth. But I have spoken with
such emphasis publicly at a party given by Provost Harrison
of the University the other day and at a reception given to
Mrs. Hilprecht & myself the other day, that it was not without
result. May God give you his wisdom from above and
a good and strong health in the New Year, then you
will mind very little these fights, rather regard them as
good exercises because they drive the blood quicker through
your veines {sic} and furnish you a good appetite and digestion.
My whole heart and mind is with you, and often I find
myself in your workshop at the Legation in discussion on archaeology.

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