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Mr. Gargiulo gave me the names of two men who
had not received back their musical compositions from the
Chicago World's Fair, in order to look after their whereabouts.
I have sent them to Washington to the gentlemen who was
in charge of such things. He will do his best to find out what
became of them.

This week the seven American Oriental, Archaeological and Philo
logical Associations met in the University of Penns. At the
scientific joint session I was requested to deliver the first
lecture on the Expedition and its results. I was careful to
avoid anything in regard to the collections now in our Museum
and simply stated that so and so many thousands antiquities
-- as was already stated in your excellent report to Washington --
were sent to Constantinople.

In connection with our last summer's diversion I now have
a request. I unhesitatingly come to you with it, as you
were kind enough to tell me again and again to inform
you at once, if there was any trouble in getting the antiquities
presented to us by the Sultan's Irade out of Constantinople,
and you would see at once that they were sent. Permit me

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