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Xmas night -

A merry xmass to you my wife_
One is not here. I have worked all day, tramping
from here to the Porte, over this vexed question of
a Commission. I took a xmas eve dinner with
the Radolins + dine at British Embassy to night.
If not forced to work I will sleep all day tomorrow,
for the strain on me for some days has been hard
I send the enclosed because, though the original
rough draft of my despatch, it was not altered_
I have violated instructions by preserving a copy (letterpress)
press_ but it may never reach home, + I send this -
I violate instructions by keeping a copy, but am determined
to preserve for myself a copy of all I do in this devilish
Armenian question for future protection. Governments sometimes
like to shift responsibility. Help Lilla to some(?) place, if
you know how. She is one of the best clerks any where. You
know how I am situated here. If I can pay my debt I will
do well. Keep this despatch very secret. Under no circumstances let the
press ever see it. If attack[ed], I will be able to defend from here__

I am very weary and only say God keep and preserve you

Your afft husband

A. W. Terrell

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