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Withdraw draw his request for Mr. Jewett would do
any good. I declined to express an opinion, stating,
that I had no facts on which to base one. They
insisted that Italy would at once demand a commission;
and Germany would follow; that Russia would object
and perhaps other powers; that their embarrassment
was extreme, and they felt that it was hard for America
to whom they had in the first place appealed as a great
neutral power, and been refused, should now
demand an independent commission, which
the Great Powers of Europe had not insisted on
-- and much more to the same effect.

Finally, they announced that they could not in
justice to Turkey give their Master's final answer,
until they instructed their Minister near you(?) to request
Mr. Cleveland to withdraw the appointment
of Jewett, and asked me to communicate that
request. I therefore sent the cipher telegram of
this date a copy of which I enclose.

I have the honor to remain,
Your obedient servant,
A.W. Terrell.

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