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investigate for himself; and that his refusal
would provoke resentment in the United States
; beyond discharging this duty I had no dis-
cretion and could offer no advice. When
he informed me of the objection to another investi-
gator I answered, that my Government was more
acustomed {sic} to ask the consent of other powers
in matters that concerned it; and I presumed
His Majesty could judge whether my Government
or Russia was the power most disinterested in
Turkish affairs

I have stated the salient points of the inteview
and as much as is necessary_

This morning (Sunday) at 11 am a messenger
from the Porte requested my presence there, for an
interview with the Grand Vizier and Minister of
Foreign Affairs. They evidently came from a
session of the Council of Ministers, and at once
asked my opinion whether an appeal to Mr
's sense of justice and magnanimity,
asking him to consider their embarassment, and

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