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that the Sultan's iridi for a Christian
College "was not consistent with the idea
that he approves atrocities on Christians
. The two things, I thought, were inconsistent.
_ I Think So Still _

This was the "promise" mentioned
in my letter to Miss Patrick, - this the "good
", of the Sultan with "our Minister"
, made after full notice that the iridi
had already issued

The statement in my letter viz "if in the
flush of my pleasure I prommised {sic} too much, +c"
should have informed so intelligent a
gentlemen as Dr Smith, that the prommise {sic}
refered {sic} to, was voluntarily madeˆ after accomplishing
something pleasant; and not a "good bargain"
that the Sultan "drove" with, "our Minister"
. Consider my surroundings! All Missionaries
here are suspected, as promoters of sedition.

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