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Endorsement No 476


My letter to Miss
and the proposed telegram, were
written on the same day, - bear the same
date, and were written in the same hour, with
my No 396 of Jany 16th, which informed Mr
that "a messenger from the palace
brought me word that the iridi had
issued for Scutari College"

That messenger was Munir Bey, an aid -
de - Camp of the Sultan, who was acompanied {sic}
by Abdallah Pasha, a Turkish general, who
had just returned from Mush. The latter
came from the Sultan to present his version
of events at Mush; which partly for want
of time, and partly because I believed it not
trustworthy, I never reported.

I told Munir Bey that Miss Patrick,
I felt sure, would telegraph her opinion

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