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No 476
Legation of the United States
Constantinople, March 289th, 1895

To the Honorable Walter Q. Gresham,
Secretary of State,
Washington DC

I have the honor(?) to inform you that ^the object of my
letter to Miss Patrick, and the telegram referred
to in your 371 of the 6th inst. have been strangely
misconstrued by Dr Judson Smith.

The promise referred to in that letter
was made after the iridi had issued and
was not a "good bargain" of the Sultan "drove"
with "our Minister", as Dr Smith asserts ^The telegram simply announced a fact apparent to every one. The
motive for the prom[....] that influenced both is is {sic} fully explained
in the enclosed memorandum.

I have the honor to remain,
Your Obedient Servant,
A. W. Terrell

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