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elegantly furnished room, into which the
attending Ministers are then, -- and then
only, invited.

The importance attached to precedence
in rank or service at a dinner table is a
matter of small moment; but it would be
come a serious matter if guests in the seats
of honor are sumptuously served, and those
at lower seats neglected, or furnished with
inferior diet. This analogy exists as
applicable to the attendance at Selamlik.

So, it seems to me that the representative
of a free country is hardly maintaining
the dignity of its institutions, by sitting
like Mordeaki at the Kings gate, while
one by one the representatives of other powers
pass and take precedence of him ˆ simply because
they are the Ambassadors of Sovereigns +
Kings and Empers {sic: "Emperors"?}, and represent their persons

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I did the best I code spelling out words in this letter, but there are obviously many errors. I focused on going letter by letter, but I would like to request assistance in regards to putting the sentences together. I hope that my rudimentary structure can help the next person who looks at this challenging letter.