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finished his business, and then if ˆ the Persian Am-
bassador arrives at the moment when
I am to be ushered in, he takes precedence
and enters; and so it may continue as
long as Ambassadors arrive -- Bismark
disregarded this rule, and received the
representative of each sovereignty in the
order of his arrival. I am told that this
rule exists also does not obtain in England, and confess
that I do not know what rule prevails
at Washington. The

The theory on which ˆ this rule of precedence it is based when applied
to the representative of a Republic, (who
cannot represent the person of a Sovereign
is without force. Here it is carried so
far that ˆ a separate one saloon is assigned to Ministers
at the Selemlak Ceremony; they must occupy
it unless an Ambassador attends, who
is ushered into a loftier and more

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