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your {in pencil}specific instructions.

I have the honor to remain
Your Obedient Servant,
A. W. Terrell

{in pencil} While I write, your teleg cipher telegram
acknowledging receipt of my ^own as to ^Marash + Aintab
arrests of Turkish subjects in employment of employed by the
Missionaries is received, I believe a copya copy of which is enclosed__ in
appended to the overleafwhich yYou inform me what the Boston Missionary
desires, and ^you instruct me to protest
American domiciliary rights. I have no
information that in this [illegible]^affair they have been in jeopardy
but you will observe from all the facts, the pertainingpertinency of my the
inquiry made in my telegram ^and not answered as to how ^far I may go "for the
protection of subjects of Turkey engaged in ^teaching in American Schools"
since [illegible] the existence of Missionary work can be destroyed by ^their capricious arrests.

In this condition of affairs the course above
indicated will be pursued, but without straining
friendly relations, until your instructions, regarding it
can be received.

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