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Schools would mean, in my opinion the
speedy arrest and prosecution or
and expulsion of that class. This,
the missionary leaders assert, would
destroy Missionary work in Turkey.
To demand in the name of my
Government (what I will prudently
insist on for the present, until instruc-
ted), vz.(?) the right to protect such
teachers against arbitrary arrests
on mere suspicion, would, I fear, be
secretly opposed by the influence of
all the Catholic and Greek Church
powers, and even by the Catholic Am-
bassador of Germany (Radolin).

In this condition of affairs I will
pursue the course I have indicated
without straining our cordial
relations until I can receive

{in pencil, written vertically along the right margin of the sheet: ** A letter was has been received from Dr Dwight of the Bible House here asking me to interferevene
for the prisoners and demand as a right that no Turkish employee in an American School
should be arrested except with consent of myself or a consul. {in pen, above the line: His letter +} My answer {overwritten: "is"} are enclosed.}

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