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31 V-30

136 -temblor

137 - llano

138 - El va a cerrar la puerta de la casa otra vez
'kiʔa~ na'kadia ndi 'keʔe 'beʔeba

139 - Comieron este hombre y sus comañeros muchas tortillas
'ndeʔetsa 'saʔi 'ita 'šiš 'kumbañerutsa
{below ita}torts {below second š in šiš} kin prefix {below tsa} sus

140 - Voy a ir, no lo vas a saber.
na 'kiʔndusa ma 'kinio

Notes and Questions

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Unsure in 139 if some of the characters are "t's" or word boundaries.

Hmm, that is ambiguous, Colin! These appear to be t's that were penciled in after the first pass of transcription. They're not likely to be word boundaries since these "tsa" seem to be personal pronouns (indicating subjects when attached to verbs and possessors when attached to nouns).