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24 I-41

126- Su cuello di él
'sokořa ga

127- !Acuéstate aquí!
'gandiʔi 'kusun 'žoʔo

128- Se hizo bonita a flor.
ni 'nuči 'naannindɨ 'itaga

129- Hirvió cinco huevos
ni 'čoʔo 'u~ʔu~ 'njibi

130- Dos banquitos nuevos.
'ibi 'eskañu 'šaa

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For number 128, there were two unknown symbols in the text that I could not figure out {-_}. It seems it may be some sort of break in the text but I did not know how to type this in the transcription. To denote this, I put n~ since that was what it most resembles to me.