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21 I-41

111- Su cola de él

112- El marido de ella va a matar el venado mañana.
'žii 'ñaga 'kwa~ʔa~ kaʔnian 'isi iča~a~

113- Están filosas las uñas del gato.
'xii 'ndibaʔa 'xi~i~ 'milu

114- Es delgado el papel.
žaši~ ndibaʔa tutu

115- No está picoso el camote
ko šati taʔa 'ñaʔmi
ko šati taʔa 'naʔami

Notes and Questions

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I am not sure what to type for the letters that have a line under them. I made the assumption that they were a tilde (~) but I am not sure if that is correct.


There is also a large bracket connecting two transcriptions. I was not sure how to type this exactly but I indicated this by adding {..} to the bottom text.

Hilaria Cruz

This is good enough, than you so much!