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21 - Su oreja de ella
soʔo 'maaña

22 - Veinte cebollas
oko 'tikumi

23 - Diez camas
uši xito

24 - Siete palabras
'uxa 'tu~ʔu~

25 - El abrió el maguey
maade na kuni 'žabi

Notes and Questions

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I believe that both the "d" and the "b" in 25 are fricatives, and I have transcribed them as such, but I'm not entirely sure.

They are fricatives, but you can just transcribe them as _d_ and _b_ since it is very predicatable where voiced fricatives and voiced stops appear in Mixtec: [b d g] only appear after nasal consonants, [β ð ɣ] occur in other contexts.